2012-07-24 Ramprasad VenkataramanMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: short placeholder text describing charm
2012-07-24 Esteban MenesesFixing typo.
2012-07-24 Esteban MenesesFixing typos and redaction.
2012-07-24 Chao MeiMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-24 Chao Meidoc:arrays/advancedarrays: minor reviewing edits
2012-07-24 Eric Bohmdocs loadb switch to \charmpp macro
2012-07-24 Lukasz Wesolowskidoc/charm++: moving callback section before other secti...
2012-07-24 Eric Bohmdocs PUP promote subsubs and paras
2012-07-24 Eric Bohmremove stray character
2012-07-24 Eric Bohmdocs loadb, clarified intro paragraphs
2012-07-24 Chao Meidoc:chare arrays: promoting subsubsections to subsections
2012-07-24 Akhil Langerdoc arrays: rename subsubsections to subsections
2012-07-24 Chao Meidoc:arrays: minor edits for review
2012-07-24 Lukasz Wesolowskidoc/charm++: moving callback section before reduction...
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: promote ch 3 subsubsections to subsections
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: move hello world snippet into separate file
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Promote some subsections to chapter titles
2012-07-24 Yanhua SunMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-24 Yanhua Sundoc/charm++/loaddb added example
2012-07-24 Pritish Jetleydoc/chares: minor edits to text
2012-07-24 Laxmikant KaleMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-24 Laxmikant KaleMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-24 Aaron Beckerdocs: minor edits to readonly
2012-07-24 Laxmikant Kalemachine list
2012-07-24 Laxmikant Kalesubsection
2012-07-24 Phil MillerSDAG docs: rewrite initial text and example
2012-07-24 Phil MillerSDAG docs: genericize initial example code
2012-07-24 Phil MillerSDAG docs: lower-case improper noun
2012-07-24 Phil MillerSDAG docs: retitle to mention control flow
2012-07-24 Eric Bohmcomment out commlib
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: cleanup section on entry methods
2012-07-24 Lukasz Wesolowskidoc/charm++: replacing all remaining instances of ...
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: minor cleanup in modules section
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Rewrite section on charm file structure (ci, modul...
2012-07-24 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: new commands \charm and \ci. Also usepackage xspace
2012-07-24 sunminor doc/charm/loadbalancing
2012-07-23 Pritish Jetleydocs NodeGroups: actually do a broadcast
2012-07-23 Pritish Jetleydocs Groups: don't need paragraph to separate two lines
2012-07-23 Pritish Jetleydocs NodeGroups: extensive edits and restructuring...
2012-07-23 Jonathan Lifflanderdocs chare arrays: rewrite section.
2012-07-23 Jonathan Lifflanderdocs: use the hyphenat package to disable hyphenation...
2012-07-23 Jonathan Lifflanderdocs advanced arrays: add needed label to user-defined...
2012-07-23 Aaron Beckerdocs: fix unescaped underscores
2012-07-23 Aaron Beckerdocs: Simplify and modernize text on chares and chare...
2012-07-23 Pritish Jetleydocs Groups: updated text and example for groups
2012-07-23 Esteban Menesesdocs LB: a couple of typo fixes.
2012-07-23 Lukasz Wesolowskidoc/charm++: removing footnote which states globals...
2012-07-23 Akhil Langerdoc arrays: move some text around; add some comments...
2012-07-23 Yanhua Sunminor doc/charm/loadbalance
2012-07-23 Lukasz Wesolowskidoc/charm++: committing utilities.tex where the basic...
2012-07-23 Yanhua Sunminor doc/charm/loadbalance
2012-07-23 Yanhua SunMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-23 Yanhua Sundoc/charm/loadbalance
2012-07-23 Lukasz Wesolowskidoc/charm++: moved some utility functions into basic...
2012-07-23 Akhil Langerdocs arrays: move some text around
2012-07-23 Chao Meidocs:basic concepts:read-only vars: some edits
2012-07-23 Yanhua Sundoc/charm++/loadbalancer
2012-07-23 Esteban Menesesdocs LB: Typo fixes and other changes to text.
2012-07-23 Eric Bohmmove user defined marshalling text to pup section
2012-07-23 Eric Bohmclean up migratable array elements and add link to...
2012-07-23 Eric Bohms/routine/method
2012-07-23 Akhil Langermove builtin-reduction types from the advanced section...
2012-07-23 Akhil Langerremove repeated text in reductions section
2012-07-23 Akhil Langermove the chare array destruction to the end && merge...
2012-07-23 Ramprasad Venkataramanupdate titles for ch 1 and 2 to represent intended...
2012-07-23 Lukasz WesolowskiMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-23 Ramprasad VenkataramanUpdate version number in manual
2012-07-23 Lukasz WesolowskiCharm++ manual: splitting section "Migratable Array...
2012-07-23 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: remove beta label from stable features.
2012-07-23 Lukasz WesolowskiMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-07-23 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: dont put annoying borders around links. hypersetup
2012-07-23 Lukasz WesolowskiCharm++ manual: changes to section titles and reorganiz...
2012-07-23 Lukasz WesolowskiCharm++ manual reorganization
2012-07-23 Joshua Ginsburgadjusted code examples for readability and consistancy
2012-07-23 Joshua Ginsburgfixed out of date refrence to prebuilt projections...
2012-07-23 Ralf Gunterugly hack to fix line numbering with atomic
2012-07-23 Ralf GunterMerge branch 'charm' of git://
2012-07-21 Ehsan Totonidemand creation test
2012-07-18 Ralf Gunteradded caveats section to liveViz (reduction problems)
2012-07-18 Aaron Beckerdocs: Add some explanation of SDAG constructs
2012-07-18 Esteban MenesesAdded comment to checkpoint section of the manual.
2012-07-18 Nikhil JainCorrection in doc for Isomalloc - individual pupping...
2012-07-18 sunremove duplication
2012-07-17 Lukasz WesolowskiCharm++ manual intro: removed text about history of...
2012-07-17 Michael RobsonCleaned up a footnote in AMPI manual.
2012-07-16 Ramprasad VenkataramanmsgQ test: feed printf the correct num args
2012-07-16 Ramprasad Venkataramanbuild: check if anonymous structs and unions are permit...
2012-07-11 Gengbin ZhengMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2012-07-11 Gengbin Zhengadd module file at beginning of PRE_LIBRARIES to resolv...
2012-07-10 Esteban MenesesAdding more test cases with parallel recovery.
2012-07-09 Lukasz Wesolowskitests/charm++/jacobi3d-sdag: adding support for running...
2012-07-09 Phil MillerDocs: Mention reduction userFlag argument to contribute...
2012-07-09 Esteban MenesesInitializing number of emigrant recovering objects...
2012-07-09 Lukasz Wesolowskitests/charm++/pingpong: run every test twice and only...
2012-07-08 Gengbin Zhengfix in infi_CmiFree the case in standalone mode for...
2012-07-08 Yanhua SunMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2012-07-08 Yanhua Sunminor
2012-07-07 Esteban MenesesFinally, a first version of parallel recovery with...
2012-07-07 Esteban MenesesAdding support for emigrant objects at reduction manager.