2013-09-14 Yanhua SunMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2013-09-14 Yanhua Sunadd PAPI performance counter in autoPerf module
2013-09-13 Lukasz WesolowskiNDMeshStreamer: adding a Make.depends file.
2013-09-13 Yanhua Sunfix papi_perror compile error
2013-09-13 Yanhua SunMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2013-09-13 Yanhua Sunadd Jacobi3d example without ft and with correct bounda...
2013-09-12 Phil Millercharmc: Integrate support for ROSE/OpenMP-based AMPI...
2013-09-12 Phil Millercharmc: Move AMPI's TLS-based global variable privatiza...
2013-09-11 Eric BohmNicholas Boch's patch to support multiline arguments to
2013-09-11 Eric Bohmhandle return value of mkstemp to silence the chatty...
2013-09-11 Phil Millercharmc: delete one more excess print
2013-09-11 Phil Millercharmc: Delete loud prints accidentally included with...
2013-09-11 YanhuaSunMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2013-09-11 YanhuaSunadd auto performance analysis tracemode, currently...
2013-09-10 Phil Millercharmc: Generic flags to request OpenMP support from...
2013-09-09 Yanhua Sunbetter function naame to get envelope max and basic...
2013-09-09 Yanhua Sunadd function to return envelope size for the use of...
2013-09-07 Nikhil JainBug fix in TopoManager initialization
2013-09-06 Lukasz Wesolowskienvelope.h: allow requests for resizing a message to...
2013-09-04 Phil Miller#286: Disable failing SDAG tests on Windows
2013-08-31 Phil Millercharmxi: Fix some indentation bugs in generated output
2013-08-30 Jonathan Lifflandermlogft,causalft: fix broken interface to mpi machine...
2013-08-30 Phil MillerDocs: fix some rendering issues
2013-08-30 Nicholas BockClarify documentation for CkReduction::set
2013-08-30 Phil Miller#252: Comment out unused Autoconf PACKAGE_* definitions
2013-08-29 Phil MillerInclude missing assert header
2013-08-28 Xiang NiMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2013-08-28 Xiang Nifix the bug regarding redmine 257
2013-08-28 Phil MillerCkIO: Windows compilation fix
2013-08-28 Phil MillerCkIO: Add Windows support for flush and close operations
2013-08-28 Xiang Niadd checkpoint test for group, nodegroup and readonly...
2013-08-28 Phil MillerCkIO: correct types for Windows systems
2013-08-28 Phil MillerCkHashtable: quiet uninitialized variable warning
2013-08-28 Phil MillerAMPI: quiet uninitialized variable warning
2013-08-28 Phil MillerMemory affinity: don't leak NUMA node map array
2013-08-28 Phil MillerCPU Affinity: don't leak FD for PE map file
2013-08-28 Phil Millerckpt: Quiet uninitialized variable warnings in pups
2013-08-26 YanhuaSuncompression code to avoid memory leak
2013-08-23 Eric Bohmextern avoids weird linking problems
2013-08-23 Gengbin Zhengmake LoadBalance() a threaded entry to support parallel...
2013-08-22 Phil Miller#27 CkIO: Fix Makefile for parallel make
2013-08-22 Phil MillerIssue #27: Merge CkIO v2 output support
2013-08-22 Phil MillerLocMgr: Quiet uninitialized variable warnings in pups
2013-08-22 Phil Miller#270: Run threaded entry methods at time of delivery...
2013-08-21 Lukasz WesolowskiRevert "ck-ldb: Removing unused data from LBMigrateMsg...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO test: use the session commit variant phil/ckio-next
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Implement write sessions with commit instructions
2013-08-20 Phil MillerPull pwrite functionality into Converse
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Sanity check assertions
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO test: don't leak messages
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Destroy the whole session array, not just its...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Really dumb error in session setup, should have...
2013-08-20 Phil Millerckio: only open files on PEs that have WriteSession...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO test: clean up all output
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Progressive fall back from fdatasync
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Don't rely on group broadcasts being delivered...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO test: close the file, too
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Inline doOpenFile
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: test callbacks with refnums set
2013-08-20 Phil Millerckio: revise test to match new interface
2013-08-20 Phil Millerckio: return right bits to indicate a file has been...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Correct assertion that write data is within a...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Don't set a nonsense map
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Revise interface so that files and sessions can...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: clean out WriteSession array elements once they...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerSketch out map class
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Another sanity check
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Simplify usage of standard library
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Handle errors uniformly
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Minimize inclusions in public API header
2013-08-20 Phil MillerUse FileReadyMsg* as the application's handle to a...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkIO: Document the write process routines
2013-08-20 Phil MillerMatch up message type declarations
2013-08-20 Phil MillerAdd explicit close call
2013-08-20 Phil MillerDelete junk comment
2013-08-20 Phil MillerFormatting
2013-08-20 Phil MillerDelete/shift further cruft from old implementation
2013-08-20 Phil MillerDelete cruft from old implementation
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCompute each session elements's offset and length
2013-08-20 Phil MillerDe-namespace map
2013-08-20 Phil MillerDe-namespace min/max
2013-08-20 Phil MillerAdd flushing and completion signalling
2013-08-20 Phil MillerAdapt forwarding and flushing logic to new structure
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCorrect reduction
2013-08-20 Phil MillerRestructuring mostly done
2013-08-20 Phil MillerContinue restructuring; compilation errors are down...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerMove buffer into Session
2013-08-20 Phil MillerContinue restructuring
2013-08-20 Phil Millerckio: nest implementation classes in impl namespace
2013-08-20 Phil MillerSome revisions, ideas for further design
2013-08-20 Phil MillerRearchitect to separate Director chare, Manager group...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerWIP
2013-08-20 Phil MillerIssue #251: Deletion of whole chare arrays and their...
2013-08-20 Phil Miller#251: Reset spring cleaning conditions on every shot...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkLocMgr: Self-destruct when no more arrays are bound
2013-08-20 Phil MillerIssue #251 CkLocMgr: Add a destructor
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkArrayMap: routines to deregister an array
2013-08-20 Phil MillerLB: Utility routines to unregister an object manager...
2013-08-20 Phil MillerTeach CkLocMgr how to forget about an array
2013-08-20 Phil MillerCkArray: Preliminary implementation of ckDestroy