1998-03-11 Josh YelonAdded multicast.
1998-03-07 Josh YelonAdded stdio.h --- this gets us NULL and size_t the...
1998-03-05 Milind Bhandarkarmade slightly more efficient in dequeue op.
1998-03-05 Milind Bhandarkarmerged versions.
1998-03-05 Milind BhandarkarFixed conflicts.
1998-03-04 Robert Brunnersize_t changed to CMK_SIZE_T
1998-03-04 Milind BhandarkarFixed the size_t errors.
1998-03-02 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1998-03-02 Josh YelonForgot to check these in last time.
1998-02-27 Josh YelonCleaned up header files, replaced load-balancer.
1998-02-26 Milind BhandarkarCleaned up CmiFree code.
1998-02-26 Josh YelonCorrected minor memory leak.
1998-02-24 Milind Bhandarkarfixed the ccd callbacks bug.
1998-02-23 Robert BrunnerAdded CmiMulticastInit()
1998-02-23 Robert BrunnerRemoved CmiAlloc, Free, Size from machine.c, and added...
1998-02-19 Josh YelonAdded multicast code.
1998-02-18 Parthasarathy... Modified CmiAlloc, CmiFree, CmiSize, and all the Multi...
1998-02-16 Milind Bhandarkarfixed a couple of declarations in converse.h.
1998-02-13 Parthasarathy... Removed CmiAlloc, CmiFree and CmiSize
1998-02-13 Parthasarathy... CmiAlloc, CmiFree, and CmiSize are now part of convcore.c.
1998-02-12 Josh YelonAdded the "pathfix" stuff to conv-host
1998-02-12 Josh YelonChanged CthSetStrategyDefault queueing from Lifo to...
1998-02-10 Milind Bhandarkarfixed to reflect changes to ITC++ macros.
1998-02-10 Milind Bhandarkarchanged macros to include a msgtype parameter to suppor...
1998-02-10 Milind BhandarkarFixed name translation so that a chare can have multipl...
1998-02-10 Milind Bhandarkarfixed another silly typo.
1998-02-10 Milind Bhandarkarfixed another typo.
1998-02-10 Milind Bhandarkarfixed a typo.
1998-02-09 Robert BrunnerAdded typecast for calls to CmiGrabBuffer so the T3E...
1998-02-05 Milind BhandarkarAdded +traceoff to commandline to turn off projections...
1998-02-03 Josh YelonAdded timeout code, and made some corrections in skt_co...
1998-02-03 Robert BrunnerOops, removing printf from CmiAlloc
1998-02-03 Milind BhandarkarAdded pack and unpack events to tracing modules.
1998-01-28 Milind BhandarkarRemoved unnecessary function calls to tracing functions.
1998-01-28 Robert BrunnerImplemented a new broadcast scheme, to eliminate copyin...
1998-01-26 Josh YelonAdded fflush after printf
1998-01-23 Milind Bhandarkarreplaced timer with walltimer in latencyBWTest.
1998-01-20 Josh YelonCorrected memalign ifdef thing.
1998-01-16 Milind BhandarkarUsed high resolution timers in SP3 version.
1998-01-16 Milind BhandarkarFixed Ctv bug on shared memory machines.
1998-01-15 Milind BhandarkarFixed bugs in latencyBWtest and optimized SP3 communica...
1998-01-13 Milind BhandarkarDid a proper merge of Makefile changes.
1998-01-13 Milind BhandarkarMade charm++ to compile and run with Solaris 2.6.
1997-12-30 Josh YelonRandom LDB based on converse --- no charm involved.
1997-12-22 Josh YelonRestructuring LDB initialization scheme.
1997-12-22 Josh YelonChanged LDB initialization scheme.
1997-12-12 Josh YelonFixed bug, wasn't doing CmiGrabBuffer.
1997-12-10 Milind Bhandarkarcleaned up a little.
1997-12-10 Josh YelonModified CmiDeliverSpecificMsg so that it works with...
1997-12-10 Josh YelonUpdated scheduler. Now, can block in handlers.
1997-12-10 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-12-06 Josh YelonFixed the magic-number thing (forgot to init main thread).
1997-12-03 Milind BhandarkarEarlier bug-fix was not a fix at all.
1997-12-03 Milind BhandarkarFixed a bug in PACK macro that may have caused some...
1997-12-03 Robert BrunnerI fixed a bug with nested BOC creation. The BOC number...
1997-12-03 Milind BhandarkarFixed a small bug in xlat-i in varsize messages.
1997-12-01 Milind BhandarkarAdded varsize to interface translator charm++.
1997-12-01 Milind Bhandarkarmodified the size_t stuff.
1997-12-01 Milind Bhandarkaradded varsize messages to interface translator charm++.
1997-11-26 Milind BhandarkarFixed some portability bugs due to varying integer...
1997-11-26 Milind BhandarkarOrigin2000 Posix Threads Version
1997-11-26 Milind BhandarkarMade Cmi_scanf_data a volatile variable.
1997-11-21 Milind BhandarkarAdded sm.c and sm.h, simple messaging without threads.
1997-11-21 Josh YelonAdded CPATH section.
1997-11-15 Jayant DeSouzaChange in flex output. Input lex file was unchanged.
1997-11-15 Jayant DeSouzaMinor change of exit value.
1997-11-10 Milind BhandarkarChanged size_t to CMK_SIZE_T.
1997-10-31 Milind BhandarkarFixed cThread initilalize problem in projections.
1997-10-29 Milind BhandarkarFixed CthInitialize bug on uth machines.
1997-10-29 Josh YelonAdded CmiHandlerToFunction
1997-10-16 Milind BhandarkarAdded Message Streams to Common/langs
1997-10-10 Josh YelonI have no idea what i changed.
1997-10-03 Milind BhandarkarMade charmc to work again, after inserting trace calls...
1997-10-03 Milind BhandarkarModified machine.c to make Cmi_shutdown_done volatile.
1997-09-18 Milind BhandarkarFixed the "fix" of Rob.
1997-09-18 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-09-17 Robert BrunnerAdded padding for shmem_get().
1997-09-04 Milind BhandarkarAdded BEGIN_IDLE and END_IDLE to tracing module and
1997-08-22 Milind BhandarkarAdded user-event tracing.
1997-08-22 Milind BhandarkarFinally fixed thread tracing.
1997-08-21 Milind BhandarkarFurther additions to tracing threads using projections.
1997-08-21 Milind BhandarkarMade CkUTimer as CmiWallTimer. On SP3 that did not...
1997-08-20 Milind BhandarkarFixed another bug in tracing data for projections.
1997-08-20 Milind Bhandarkarfixed another bug in projections.
1997-08-20 Milind Bhandarkarfixed a minor typo.
1997-08-20 Milind BhandarkarModified trace-projections.c and threads.c to support
1997-08-18 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-08-18 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-08-18 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-08-18 Milind BhandarkarLocated and fixed a bug reported by Ed. dag.c was using...
1997-08-07 Josh YelonFixed all kinds of SMP bugs.
1997-08-06 Josh YelonAdded test-all.
1997-08-06 Josh YelonFixed bugs.
1997-08-06 Milind BhandarkarAdded -lqt to the CMK_LIBS.
1997-08-06 Milind BhandarkarAdded net-linux and sim-linux versions.
1997-08-04 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-08-01 Milind BhandarkarFixed gatherflat problem.
1997-08-01 Milind BhandarkarFixed posixthreads bug.
1997-08-01 Josh YelonChanged speed-setting CMK_WHEN_PROCESSOR_IDLE_USLEEP.
1997-08-01 Josh YelonFixed bug in priming protocol.