2000-02-19 Sameer Paranjpyeaadded an include directive for windows in a #ifdef
2000-02-18 Sameer Paranjpyeaaltered files with #ifndef WIN32, to conditionally... pre-winnt-version
2000-02-18 Sameer Paranjpyeresolved SMP bug in init.C.
2000-02-18 Robert BrunnerJim's changes
2000-02-18 Sameer ParanjpyeCChanged charmc options for charm_bind.C and changed...
2000-02-18 Orion LawlorAdded prototypes for new product and float
2000-02-18 Orion LawlorExtended all numeric reductions to floating-point types,
2000-02-18 Orion LawlorMoved #include of ckarray_reductions down so it can
2000-02-18 Orion LawlorIncorporated formerly user-level basic reduction library
2000-02-18 Orion LawlorIncorporated array reduction library.
2000-02-10 Gengbin Zheng*** empty log message ***
2000-02-07 Milind BhandarkarAdded isend and irecv. and also a command line paramete...
2000-02-07 Milind BhandarkarAdded AMPI functions type_commit, type_free and type_co...
2000-02-06 Milind BhandarkarFixed __register code generation. It was causing proble...
2000-02-06 Milind BhandarkarAdded C prototypes for existing AMPI fortran functions...
2000-02-06 Milind BhandarkarAdded ampi directory in langs, ampi target to Makefile...
2000-02-06 Milind BhandarkarSplit user-specified libraries into pre and post librar...
2000-02-06 Milind BhandarkarFixed a bug that was causing problems with non-gcc...
2000-02-03 Gengbin Zhengtrace-summary change header
2000-02-03 Gengbin Zhengtrace-summary.C to add number of entries in summary...
2000-02-02 Gengbin Zhengsolved the seg faulting problem of Metis strategy by...
2000-02-02 Sameer ParanjpyeNow the strategy uses heapsort to construct the object...
2000-02-02 Sameer ParanjpyeNow these strategies use heapsort to construct the...
2000-02-02 Sameer ParanjpyeFixed pointer increment bug
2000-02-02 Gengbin ZhengRefiner.C: if statement misleading
2000-02-02 Milind BhandarkarFixed some more erros for correct compilation on origin.
2000-02-02 Milind BhandarkarFixed some more.
2000-02-01 Milind BhandarkarFixed bugs with net-sol-cc.
2000-02-01 Gengbin Zhengremove the redundent code in RefineLB, now it call...
2000-02-01 Milind BhandarkarFixed const related errors on net-sol.
2000-02-01 Sameer ParanjpyeAdded ability to process non-migratable objects, proces...
2000-02-01 Sameer ParanjpyeAdded ability to process processor speed, processor...
2000-01-31 Milind Bhandarkarfixed bugs pointed out by quantum TA
2000-01-26 Robert BrunnerAdded the migratable flag, the processor-available...
2000-01-20 Robert BrunnerFixes for WSLB. Load now returns to an unloaded proces...
2000-01-20 Robert BrunnerI modified WSLB's background load detection. I haven...
2000-01-20 Robert BrunnerFixed problems on net-sol-cc
2000-01-19 Gengbin Zhengmodify the irecv.tex
2000-01-19 Gengbin Zhengadd irecv
2000-01-18 Milind BhandarkarModified send and recv syntax + added call to scheduler...
2000-01-17 Orion LawlorTwo changes:
2000-01-17 Orion LawlorSimplified several things:
2000-01-13 Robert BrunnerA few tweaks in background load measurement
2000-01-12 Robert BrunnerAdded a load_factor, so objects can take more load...
2000-01-12 Robert BrunnerA little cleanup
2000-01-12 Robert BrunnerBackground load detection works!
2000-01-12 Robert BrunnerEnabled vacating a single processor. This won't work if
2000-01-12 Robert BrunnerI Rearranged the load balancer, so WSLB->NeighborLB...
2000-01-10 Laxmikant Kale*** empty log message ***
2000-01-10 Laxmikant Kalebugfixes and improvement: picks the largest two vertice...
2000-01-09 Sameer Kumarremoved printfs
2000-01-08 Sameer Kumarnew load balancer added
2000-01-08 Sameer Kumar*** empty log message ***
2000-01-08 Sameer Kumarnew load balancing strategy with variable weights.
2000-01-06 Sameer Kumaradded a function call_strategy
2000-01-06 Robert BrunnerRemoved extra print
2000-01-06 Robert BrunnerFixed bug with memory cleanup in RecBisectBfLB
2000-01-06 Robert BrunnerAdded EdgeWeight
2000-01-05 Robert BrunnerFixed the RecBisect bug, cleaned up the prints, and...
2000-01-05 Robert BrunnerFixed a few diagnostic prints that Sameer added
2000-01-05 Sameer Kumarchecks added
2000-01-04 Sameer Kumarhash table bug fixed
2000-01-04 Robert BrunnerCleaned up warnings with new load balancer
2000-01-03 Robert BrunnerNew load balancer, RecBisectBfLB
2000-01-03 Robert BrunnerAdded new load balancer timing data
2000-01-01 Robert BrunnerI fixed a hash table bug
1999-12-30 Robert BrunnerChanges needed for RecBisectBfLB
1999-12-23 Robert Brunnertemp bug removed
1999-12-22 Robert Brunnerebabled some printfs
1999-12-22 Robert BrunnerRemoved prints in load balancer
1999-12-22 Robert BrunnerAdded a few comments
1999-12-22 Robert Brunnercompilation error corrected
1999-12-22 Robert Brunnercout removed.
1999-12-22 Robert Brunnerremoved allocation error
1999-12-22 Sameer Kumarfinal version of CommLB
1999-12-21 Sameer KumarThe new version with compilation errors removed.
1999-12-21 Sameer KumarRestored old versions
1999-12-21 Sameer Kumar*** empty log message ***
1999-12-21 Sameer Kumar*** empty log message ***
1999-12-21 Sameer KumarThis load balancer does a greedy allocation taking...
1999-12-21 Robert BrunnerAdded object references in communication links
1999-12-19 Robert BrunnerFix a couple of things for picky compilers
1999-12-18 Robert Brunner- Removed object-to-self links from the database
1999-12-17 Robert BrunnerRemoved prints from Refiner.C
1999-12-17 Robert BrunnerI added fixes for the no-elements problem. Array1D...
1999-12-17 Robert BrunnerAdded RandRefLB, the random-refine load balancer
1999-12-17 Robert BrunnerRandom-with-refine load balancer
1999-12-16 Robert BrunnerAdded GreedyRef, a combined greedy plus refinement...
1999-12-14 Robert BrunnerRemoved some more prints
1999-12-10 Robert BrunnerRemoved extraneous prints from strategies
1999-12-08 Robert BrunnerMade load balancer time itself, and changed various...
1999-12-06 Gengbin Zhengupdate irecv.tex
1999-12-02 Rui Liuchanged the prototype of METIS_W...() to correct ones.
1999-12-02 Robert BrunnerFixed compilation errors with recent Metis changes
1999-12-01 Rui Liuchanged the prototype back to be compatible with curren...
1999-12-01 Gengbin Zhengremove several syntax errors from MetisLB.C
1999-12-01 Gengbin Zhengcheck charm_bind.C
1999-11-30 Rui Liuadded implementation for load balance with multiple...
1999-11-30 Gengbin Zhenglittle change in trace-summary.C
1999-11-30 Gengbin Zhengprint three lines and add premeable in trace-summary