1999-11-25 Robert BrunnerRemoved all STL template code from load balancer. ...
1999-11-23 Robert BrunnerAdded WSLB, the workstation load balancer
1999-11-23 Robert BrunnerBug fixes for NeighborLB and heap, and a new load balan...
1999-11-22 Gengbin ZhengNULL definition in commlib.h gave warnings
1999-11-22 Gengbin Zhengremove some minor syntax problems in (NeighborLB.C...
1999-11-19 Milind BhandarkarAdded SIGUSR handling capability. It will raise the...
1999-11-19 Milind BhandarkarAdded CMK_HANDLE_SIGUSR macro.
1999-11-18 Robert BrunnerFixed CkCopyMsg bug, and fixes some CentralLB bugs...
1999-11-17 Robert BrunnerCosmetic change
1999-11-17 Gengbin Zhengquick fix for the PlateDemo in LBDBManager.C
1999-11-16 Robert BrunnerAdded a LDRunningObject function
1999-11-16 Robert BrunnerAdded LDProcessorSpeed(), and a few LDObjectStart changes
1999-11-16 Gengbin Zhengfixed the bug so that quiescence detecion can handle...
1999-11-16 checkoutTurned load balancing on
1999-11-16 checkoutPut message forwarding updating changes back in.
1999-11-16 Orion LawlorCorrected bug in tryEndReduction() that was hanging...
1999-11-16 checkoutAdded message forward short-cut, so message forwarding...
1999-11-15 Orion LawlorTiny change-- rsh'es now look for a C shell script
1999-11-15 Orion LawlorAdded array-reduction support.
1999-11-15 Orion LawlorAdded array-reduction support: have each array element
1999-11-11 checkoutAdded NeighborLB
1999-11-11 checkoutA new load balancer base class
1999-11-10 checkoutApparently AIX doesn't like static cast either
1999-11-10 checkoutOops, forgot to add yesterday
1999-11-10 checkoutAdded LBMachineUtil.[Ch], which is the LB framework...
1999-11-10 checkoutAdded implementations for TotalTime, IdleTime, and...
1999-11-09 checkoutAdded converse.h, just to get CmiTrue/CmiFalse!
1999-11-09 Gengbin Zhengremove space in CMK_CXXPP
1999-11-05 Gengbin Zhengset groupID to envelope in charm_bind.C
1999-11-05 Gengbin Zhengupdate charm_bind.C based on my new understanding of...
1999-11-04 Gengbin Zhengchange CpvDeclare to CpvStaticDeclare for startTime...
1999-11-02 Gengbin Zhengupdate charm_bind.C with new charm++ version. need...
1999-11-02 Gengbin Zhengsome minor changes.
1999-11-01 Milind BhandarkarChanged -e to -r or -x where appropriate.
1999-11-01 Milind BhandarkarMade timeout in node_addresses_obtain dependent on...
1999-10-29 checkoutRevised packlib to work with dumb compilers that don...
1999-10-29 Milind BhandarkarFixed multiline macros.
1999-10-29 Orion LawlorAdded a ".exe" check to the -cp section.
1999-10-29 Milind BhandarkarFixed the chareID assignment to proxy scheme by making...
1999-10-29 Milind Bhandarkarreplaced jmemcpy by memcpy, as it was causing a bit...
1999-10-28 Gengbin Zhengremove the counter for identical messages.
1999-10-28 Milind BhandarkarFixed libs Makefiles to transmit the appropriate OPTS...
1999-10-28 Milind BhandarkarFixed Makefiles for taking an OPTS argument from comman...
1999-10-28 Milind BhandarkarFixed charmc for bourne shell that does not support...
1999-10-28 Milind BhandarkarAdded Solaris X86 version.
1999-10-27 Milind BhandarkarRemoved a couple of warnings.
1999-10-27 Gengbin Zhenguse shrink strategy to deal with boundry problem in...
1999-10-26 Gengbin Zhengclear the code and remove some debug information in...
1999-10-26 Gengbin Zhengfixed array boundry problem in trace-summary library
1999-10-25 Orion LawlorTranslated to /bin/sh. No functionality changes.
1999-10-25 Milind BhandarkarRenamed LBDB.[Ch] as LBDBManager.[Ch]
1999-10-25 Milind BhandarkarFixed scaling.
1999-10-24 Orion LawlorConverted conv-mach.csh to,
1999-10-24 Orion LawlorChanged conv-mach.csh references to
1999-10-24 Orion LawlorCharmc is now in the Bourne Shell.
1999-10-21 Gengbin Zhengadd in Makefile entries for trace-summary library
1999-10-21 Gengbin Zhengcreate new files: trace-summary.C trace-summary.h
1999-10-20 Milind BhandarkarFixed a lot of errors regarding use of bool and casting...
1999-10-20 Milind BhandarkarMerged Changes.
1999-10-20 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug in RefineLB.C which entail a reference...
1999-10-19 Orion LawlorMinor compilation additions--
1999-10-19 Milind BhandarkarFixed object load conversion.
1999-10-15 checkoutFixed argc counting for origin2000
1999-10-15 checkoutA few changes to load balancing and migration stuff...
1999-10-15 Gengbin Zhengminor change to orgnize the code in RefineLB.C
1999-10-14 Milind Bhandarkarfixed another bug.
1999-10-14 Milind Bhandarkarfixed syntax error.
1999-10-14 Milind BhandarkarAdded MetisLB.
1999-10-14 Milind BhandarkarAdded Metis-based LDB Strategy
1999-10-14 Orion LawlorAdded HeapCentLB load balancing strategy.
1999-10-14 Orion LawlorTiny change: moved "int pe" and "int obj" declarations
1999-10-14 checkoutFixed an int decl in a for loop. SGI compiler doesn...
1999-10-14 Gengbin Zhengadd some debug information in RefineLB.C elements.h
1999-10-14 Sameer ParanjpyeWorking Heap Strategy
1999-10-14 Gengbin Zhengupdated RefineLB.C, fixed bugs which record wrong old...
1999-10-14 Sameer ParanjpyeLoad Balancing strategy with Heap
1999-10-14 Gengbin Zhengfix bug in RefineLB.C which cause segmental fault
1999-10-13 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug in Strategy()
1999-10-13 Gengbin Zhengchanged Makefile to include RefineLB in ck-ldb
1999-10-13 Gengbin Zhengadd new strategy "RefineLB" and add files:
1999-10-13 checkoutInitializing the key so the compiler doesn't complain
1999-10-13 checkoutHash key not initialized! It gave erratic results.
1999-10-13 checkoutFixed the item typo, yet again!
1999-10-13 checkoutInitialize migrates_completed
1999-10-13 Orion LawlorRemoved extern "C" from static class functions
1999-10-13 Robert BrunnerFixed hash table bugs
1999-10-12 Robert BrunnerFixes for templates in libs.
1999-10-10 Robert BrunnerRemoved unnecessary type qualifiers
1999-10-10 Robert BrunnerPack library routines
1999-10-08 Jeffrey WrightCommented some more debugging statements.
1999-10-08 Jeffrey WrightAdded CCS defines.
1999-10-08 Jeffrey WrightCommented out a debugging statement.
1999-10-06 Robert BrunnerAdded communication tracking for load balancing
1999-10-06 Jeffrey WrightRemoved a debugging statement.
1999-10-06 Terry L. WilmarthAdded LoadNotify functionality in TokenHandler.
1999-10-06 Terry L. WilmarthAdded empty LoadNotifyFn.
1999-09-23 Jeffrey WrightFixed CCS so that it now sends utilization information...
1999-09-23 Milind Bhandarkarnodesfile->nodelist
1999-09-23 Milind BhandarkarAdded Krishnan's collective communication library.
1999-09-23 Milind BhandarkarAdded master-slave converse library.