2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengbgtest
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengsetup bgtest for bigsim
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded test
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded make bgtest for testing examples and tests with...
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengsetup for bgtest
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengset up for bgtest
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengsetup bgtest for bigsim
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded bgtest
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengsetup for bgtest
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded bgtest
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded bgtest for bigsim
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded -lthread to CMK_LIBS
2004-10-24 Filippo Gioachinslight modification to the example
2004-10-24 Filippo Gioachinpython now sends back through ccs a handle number to...
2004-10-24 Filippo Gioachinmodification to the python generator
2004-10-23 Gengbin Zhengfixed f90 compiler flag and f90 libs
2004-10-23 Orion LawlorRemove erronious using namespace declaration.
2004-10-23 Orion LawlorRemove two-processor restriction.
2004-10-23 Orion LawlorDisable pipeBroadcast for now, until Sameer fixes it.
2004-10-23 Orion LawlorAdded new pup_mpi.h header.
2004-10-23 Orion LawlorActually test everything, not just charm, AMPI, and...
2004-10-23 Gengbin Zhengfixed broken test for charm
2004-10-23 Gengbin Zhengadded -fPIC
2004-10-23 Gengbin Zhengfixed a few things for building shared lib with gcc.
2004-10-23 Gengbin Zhenga better way for testing shared lib
2004-10-23 Terry L. WilmarthMore fine tuning.
2004-10-22 Sameer KumarMinor change
2004-10-22 Sameer KumarMISTERIOUSLY My new stable timer code got overwritten.
2004-10-22 Sameer KumarDisabling registering handlers for pipebcast from convc...
2004-10-22 Sameer KumarCreating a new library libconvcom.a
2004-10-22 Sameer KumarMaking Converse header 16 bytes by getting rid of the...
2004-10-22 Terry L. WilmarthEven faster adapt3 and GVT.
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengincrease charm version number
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengfixed description of directory layout
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengfixed path to new simplearrayhello
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhenga new option "-no-charmrun" which disable the copying...
2004-10-22 Terry L. WilmarthMoved the -Dcompile to the compile lines... AGAIN!
2004-10-22 Terry L. WilmarthFixed adapt3 and sped up GVT a bit.
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengadded separate make target for testing various components
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengreplaced pgms by tests and examples.
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengfixed a compiler error when timestamp is long
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengremoved libmoduleseqpose.dep
2004-10-22 Terry L. WilmarthAdded a build case for pgm.seq
2004-10-22 Gengbin Zhengfixed make depends.
2004-10-21 Terry L. WilmarthMore inlining, whoop-de-do.
2004-10-21 Gengbin Zhengchange to use -module seqpose if seq mode
2004-10-21 Gengbin Zhengfixed mode with seq pose
2004-10-21 Gengbin Zhengwrite a fake registerseqpose() for seq pose. This is...
2004-10-21 Gengbin Zhengfixed make rules for compiling both pose and seqpose.
2004-10-21 Gengbin Zhengset CMK_LD_SHARED_ABSOLUTE_PATH to true
2004-10-21 Gengbin Zhengif CMK_LD_SHARED_ABSOLUTE_PATH is set, change libso...
2004-10-21 Terry L. WilmarthWas using different strategies in same simulation!...
2004-10-20 Sayantan ChakravortyAdded print out to check cordiantes of shared node
2004-10-20 Gengbin Zhengtwo changes for compiling csar code:
2004-10-20 Sayantan ChakravortyFixing the IDXL sort2d. The old sort sorted points...
2004-10-20 Orion LawlorAdded mapping from chunk to paneID for Roccom pconn...
2004-10-20 Eric BohmMissing -Dcompile
2004-10-20 Orion LawlorForgot return statement in makeIDXLside.
2004-10-20 Gengbin Zhengmodifed to recognize .dylib
2004-10-20 Gengbin Zhengadded support for dynamic shared lib.
2004-10-20 Gengbin Zhengmpi version for Mac.
2004-10-20 Gengbin Zhengremove double declaration of traceCoreOn.
2004-10-20 Eric Bohmshould use $(MAKE) always to avoid gmake hassles on...
2004-10-20 Eric BohmAdded sequential support.
2004-10-20 Eric Bohmquoted opts line takes off the curse on arch and lemieux
2004-10-20 Orion LawlorAdded two new API routines:
2004-10-20 Orion LawlorChange default mesh entity length and width from -1...
2004-10-20 Orion LawlorAllow IDXL_Side::add to be used to add new communication
2004-10-19 Gengbin Zhenga quick fix (may have better solution - when fortran...
2004-10-19 Gengbin Zhengpassing CMK_SHARED_SUF into making
2004-10-19 Terry L. WilmarthMoved -Dcompile out of OPTS and onto the appropriate...
2004-10-19 Terry L. WilmarthSequential should not be the default!!! Augh!!!
2004-10-19 Terry L. Wilmarthset up for hisim runs
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengadd includes for math.h
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengturing off sorting message by timestamp in queue when...
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug in generating bgtimelog that has no depende...
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengerrot check for BgLoadTraceSummary
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengadded error checking for BgLoadTraceSummary
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengwith a minor bug, when netsim off, turn of BgElapse...
2004-10-18 Sameer Kumarturning the flag off
2004-10-18 Chao HuangUndo my earlier comment. sorry sameer...
2004-10-18 Terry L. WilmarthModified speculative tolerance in adapt3.
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengadded a sanity check for existence of a special bglog...
2004-10-18 Gengbin Zhengadded +bgelapse command line option to overwrite config...
2004-10-18 Chao Huangcomment out a printf in comlib that makes AMPI output...
2004-10-17 Sameer Kumargetting rid of calls to cbrt
2004-10-17 Sameer Kumaradding a new cbrt function
2004-10-17 Gengbin Zhengreverted my previous change since Sameer added the...
2004-10-17 Sameer Kumaradding the persistent tag
2004-10-17 Gengbin Zhengfixed compilation errors in Sameer's half abandoned...
2004-10-17 Eric BohmAdded libmoduleseqpose
2004-10-17 Gengbin Zhengfixed broken elan converse header for persistent comm.
2004-10-17 Gengbin Zhengapply -expect_unresolved to linker for suppressing...
2004-10-17 Gengbin Zhengfixed test for malloc.h, only test if it presents and...
2004-10-17 Gengbin Zhengrearrange converse header so that new comlib fields...
2004-10-17 Gengbin ZhengInstead of abort immediate when send timeout, now retry...
2004-10-16 Gengbin Zhengchanged to adapt2 because adapt3 is hanging.
2004-10-16 Gengbin Zhengadded tproj_on in config.
2004-10-16 Gengbin Zhengsupported -tproj option, improved warning prints when...
2004-10-16 Gengbin Zhengwith -tproj to output projections from bgTrace