2005-10-26 Aaron BeckerAdded mesh pointer fields for coarsen and refine
2005-10-26 Aaron BeckerGradateMesh bug fixes
2005-10-25 Aaron BeckerFirst cut of GradateMesh, moved SetReferenceMesh into...
2005-10-25 Terry L. Wilmarth*** empty log message ***
2005-10-25 Terry L. WilmarthSilly example of 4 node "Hello!" network.
2005-10-25 Terry L. WilmarthFixed a silly bug and made input parameters a little...
2005-10-25 Gengbin Zhengswitched to ifort as default fortran compile for icc...
2005-10-24 Gengbin Zhengfixed charm path
2005-10-24 Gengbin Zhengf90charm sample hello example.
2005-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded -lPEPCF90 for iargc and getarg.
2005-10-24 Gengbin Zhengtakes care of argc and getargv in f90 code.
2005-10-24 Isaac DooleyAdded another fortran wrapper.
2005-10-24 Terry L. WilmarthIncluding charm-api.h so that the CDECLs don't break...
2005-10-24 Terry L. WilmarthModified some print statements.
2005-10-24 Gengbin Zhengadded single line construct "class foo;" in .ci for...
2005-10-21 Amit Sharma*** empty log message ***
2005-10-21 Amit SharmaAdded new mesh 3d and irregular mesh topologies
2005-10-21 Gengbin Zhengfixed a typo.
2005-10-21 Gengbin Zhengfixed a silly bug in geenrating section ckNew. a "...
2005-10-19 Gengbin Zhengadded back the rts_memory_alias hack we used for bgl...
2005-10-19 Chee Wai LeeFixed a critical (and previously untested) problem...
2005-10-17 Gengbin Zhengmoved inclusion of conv-autoconfig.h to the top.
2005-10-17 Gengbin Zhengfixed int8 and uint8 definition.
2005-10-17 Aaron BeckerAdded FEM_ADAPT_SetReferenceMesh
2005-10-17 Terry L. Wilmarth*** empty log message ***
2005-10-14 Terry L. WilmarthUpdates to tetmesh read/write transfers from FEM meshes.
2005-10-14 Isaac DooleyFortran Wrappers for Valid flags. Todo: switch one...
2005-10-14 Sayantan ChakravortySome more fixes to reduction regarding contributions...
2005-10-14 Terry L. WilmarthInterface completed.
2005-10-13 Terry L. WilmarthFORTRAN & C interface to high-level adaptive algorithms.
2005-10-13 Sayantan ChakravortyThink finally fixed reductions .. touching wood .....
2005-10-11 Chee Wai LeeFixed stupid casting problem.
2005-10-10 Gengbin Zhengcorrect CMK_F90_MODINC
2005-10-10 Eric Bohmturn off NEW_DECOMP. Its something only needed by...
2005-10-09 Yan Shi A bug fix, introduced when adding prio messages.
2005-10-09 Gengbin Zhengset default f90 compile in as xlf90
2005-10-08 Sayantan ChakravortyTurned off debug print
2005-10-08 Sayantan ChakravortyRemoved debug prints
2005-10-08 Gengbin Zhengadded printMinAveMax() to be compatiable with rocstar.
2005-10-08 Sayantan ChakravortyFixed bug related to load balancing after evacuation
2005-10-07 Isaac DooleyAdded some optional Debugging checks, wrapped in #ifdefs.
2005-10-07 Gengbin Zhengmove setupRecvSlot to machine specific version.
2005-10-06 Sameer KumarNew version.
2005-10-05 Abhinav BhateleAdded the line "include <assert.h>" because a assert...
2005-10-05 Gengbin Zhengfixed a compilation error for sqrt
2005-10-05 Terry L. WilmarthAdded ghosts to tetmesh data structure.
2005-10-05 Gengbin Zhengfixed Abhinav's spanning tree for the serial case.
2005-10-05 Gengbin Zhengadvanced charm version to 5.9.11
2005-10-05 Gengbin Zhengadded bookkeeping for min and max load of each migratab...
2005-10-05 Gengbin Zhengfor bluegene/L, use absolute time clock.
2005-10-04 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-10-04 Chao HuangOr, try removing the static
2005-10-04 Chao HuangBug: can't use a class variable in a static function
2005-10-04 Abhinav BhateleAdded the class Spanning Tree and the function ReceiveS...
2005-10-03 Nilesh Choudhurygot rid of a lot of verbose prints
2005-10-03 Nilesh Choudhurymade the idxl_rec grow faster.. trade-off between speed...
2005-10-03 Nilesh Choudhuryfixed fem_varindexattr resize
2005-10-03 Chao Huangupdating sortIndexByHops
2005-10-03 Chao HuangNow distance considers wrap around. eg, if one dimensio...
2005-10-03 Isaac DooleyAdding a brief mention of ParFUM to avoid confusion...
2005-10-02 Yan ShiChange to correct PUP constant size arrays as readonly...
2005-10-01 Sayantan ChakravortyFixed reductions while dealing with messages from migra...
2005-09-30 Chao Huangbug fix
2005-09-29 Nilesh Choudhury*** empty log message ***
2005-09-29 Chao HuangAdded Missing }
2005-09-29 Gengbin Zhengfixed a compilation error.
2005-09-29 Gengbin Zhengchanged CmiMemoryUsage() to return 8 byte int.
2005-09-29 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-09-29 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-09-29 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-09-28 Nilesh Choudhuryibmsp compilation issues
2005-09-28 Nilesh Choudhuryibmsp compiler issues
2005-09-28 Sameer KumarUpdting bgltorus for chao's topo multicast.
2005-09-28 Sayantan ChakravortyFixed bad use of macros around printf
2005-09-28 Gengbin Zhenga better version for LDStats collection.
2005-09-28 Sayantan ChakravortyChecked in some changes to evacuation to make it work...
2005-09-28 Nilesh Choudhuryreuse of variables now complete
2005-09-26 Gengbin Zhengfixed immediate mesg for group multicast calling _prepa...
2005-09-26 Gengbin ZhengdestoryAll for CkLocation to remove all elements.
2005-09-26 Gengbin Zhengfixed syntax error in Makefile
2005-09-26 Gengbin Zhengfixed compiler error for CmiSyncListSendAndFree and...
2005-09-26 Chao HuangAdded immediate multicast for groups.
2005-09-25 Gengbin Zhengadded _noCldEnqueueMulti to bypass cldb queue.
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhury*** empty log message ***
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhuryretreiving the prev version
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhuryretreiving to prev version
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhuryretreiving the prev version
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhury*** empty log message ***
2005-09-25 Gengbin ZhengINT8 to long long
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhuryretreiving earlier version
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhuryadding a line
2005-09-25 Nilesh Choudhury*** empty log message ***
2005-09-25 Gengbin Zhengdefine CMK_TYPEDEF_INT8 to be long long
2005-09-25 Gengbin Zhengfixed for storing timers in long long (8 bytes)
2005-09-25 Chao HuangFixed a bug in getConebyRank
2005-09-24 Isaac DooleyFixed a problem with reuse of nodes.
2005-09-24 Sayantan ChakravortyAdded BlockLb files to make file and dependency
2005-09-24 Sayantan ChakravortyAdded new load balancer that allocates objects in block...
2005-09-24 Isaac DooleyAdded Reuse of invalid entities for add element calls.
2005-09-23 Chao HuangAdded SortRankbyHops and getConeNumber