Add LOGCONDITIONAL protection around RegisterLanguage and
[charm.git] / tests /
2003-08-08 Gengbin Zhengremoved the redundent test rule. Charm-5_8b1
2003-08-05 Orion LawlorMinor fixes: reduce memory needed for send-deadlock
2003-08-03 Gengbin Zhengadd ./ prefix for executable in test.
2003-07-25 Orion LawlorMore extensive and general CmiMultipleSend test:
2003-07-18 Orion LawlorMinor tweaks for mesh-readonly interface.
2003-07-14 Gengbin Zhengupdated to new section library.
2003-06-27 Orion LawlorTiny change to match new way global variables get pup'd.
2003-06-23 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2003-04-25 Orion LawlorTiny change: give the number of chunks we're running on.
2003-03-21 Orion LawlorAdded (disabled) test of FEM_Set_partition.
2003-03-10 Orion LawlorTest out IDXL_Get_source
2003-03-07 Gengbin Zhengintegrity check is modified to based on the redNo in...
2003-03-07 Gengbin Zhengchanged ckDelegate.
2003-03-07 Gengbin Zhengchanged ckDelegate.
2003-02-18 Orion LawlorUpdated for new sparse semantics--ghosts come in list.
2003-01-25 Gengbin Zhengfixed memory leak(use SyncSendAndFree), also fixed...
2003-01-20 Orion LawlorTurn down verbosity threshold.
2003-01-20 Orion LawlorMajor cleanup, along with minor adjustments for new...
2003-01-17 Gengbin Zhengchanged CkMcastReductionMsg to CkReductionMsg.
2003-01-17 Gengbin Zhengupdated name.
2003-01-16 Gengbin Zhengupdated to use ckcallback.
2002-10-17 Orion LawlorUpdated for new Update_mesh call.
2002-09-09 Orion LawlorMade TCharm and FEM routine names consistent with each...
2002-07-29 Orion LawlorHoisted nonportable uses of "for(int i=...".
2002-07-26 Orion LawlorTest out mesh_updated after running time loop.
2002-07-17 Orion LawlorAdded "test-mig" makefile target, to test migration.
2002-07-12 Orion LawlorAdded -write and -read tests.
2002-06-20 Orion LawlorChanged "large value" element ghost list criterion to
2002-06-15 Orion LawlorAdded FEM_Set_Sparse_Elem test, which allows a more...
2002-06-11 Orion LawlorAdded (default-on) test for -1's in elem2type array...
2002-06-07 Orion LawlorAdded tests for sparse data, and re-enabled ghost list...
2002-05-28 Orion LawlorAdded silly serial client.
2002-05-17 Orion LawlorAdded "test" target.
2002-05-17 Orion LawlorAdded "test" target to makefile.
2002-04-30 Orion LawlorAdded test for serial mesh-splitting routines.
2002-04-23 Orion LawlorMinor updates.
2002-04-22 Orion LawlorCorrected silly gnu-ism (variable size stack-allocated...
2002-01-16 Orion LawlorSimple sample of array manager delegation.
2002-01-10 Gunavardhan KakulapatiNode value array passed to mesh_updated was half garbage.
2002-01-10 Orion LawlorAdded tests for ghost layer.
2001-12-13 Gengbin Zhengnew version, using CProxySection instead of a pointer.
2001-12-07 Orion LawlorAdded global variable registrations.
2001-12-07 Gengbin Zhenguse -module CkMulticast
2001-12-07 Gengbin Zhengname changes.
2001-12-06 Orion LawlorReplaced annoying print_partition with more reasonable...
2001-12-06 Gengbin Zhengadded check for correctness.
2001-12-03 Gengbin Zhengpixed the path
2001-12-03 Gengbin Zhengtesting files that used multicast delegation and reduction.
2001-05-15 Milind BhandarkarAdded a test for handler registration overflow bugs.
2000-12-25 Milind BhandarkarRemoved CmiGrabBuffer.
2000-12-24 Milind BhandarkarAutomated testing.
2000-12-17 Milind BhandarkarAdded removal of charmrun as part of the clean target.
2000-11-06 Orion LawlorUpdated for new FEM implementation.
2000-09-21 Orion LawlorUpdated for latest win32 changes.
2000-08-08 Milind Bhandarkarremoved call to offsetof, because it used to crash...
2000-08-08 Milind BhandarkarAdded a test program in fortran90.
2000-08-08 Milind BhandarkarModified to match new interface to C/C++.
2000-08-07 Milind BhandarkarAdded update test, reduce_field test, and reduce test.
2000-08-05 Milind BhandarkarRemoved the debugging prints for each partition, and...
2000-08-04 Milind BhandarkarAdded a test program for fem framework.
2000-02-26 Rui Liuchanged rand() to CrnRand()
2000-02-25 Milind BhandarkarMade uth-win32 version to work. Removed incompatible...
2000-02-24 Milind BhandarkarChnaged to use the new Crn functionality.
2000-02-24 Milind BhandarkarRemoved the C++-style comment.
2000-02-24 Rui Liuchanged rand() to CrnInt() and CrnInitStream().
2000-02-19 Sameer Paranjpyec1;0changed file name
2000-02-19 Sameer Paranjpye*** empty log message ***
1999-10-28 Milind BhandarkarFixed Makefiles for taking an OPTS argument from comman...
1999-09-03 Robert BrunnerTurned on CCS for origin2000, and took -fast out of...
1999-08-23 Milind BhandarkarFixed to compile and run on origin2000 and origin-pthreads.
1999-08-08 Milind BhandarkarFixed paths broken due to rearrangement.
1999-08-07 Milind BhandarkarReorganized pgms directory.