The event ID of the envelope is now always initialized with a sequential number.
[charm.git] / src / scripts / Make.depends
2010-01-18 Filippo GioachinThe event ID of the envelope is now always initialized...
2009-11-30 Gengbin ZhengMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2009-11-30 Ramprasad VenkataramanOverhaul the spanning tree construction strategies.
2009-10-27 Jonathan LifflanderAdded control point stuff to the Makefile...
2009-10-22 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2009-09-15 Isaac DooleyFixing Make.depends for previous checkins.
2009-08-01 Isaac DooleyAdding new capability to automatically set message...
2009-07-20 Isaac DooleyMoving the "critical path" history code into its own...
2009-06-22 Isaac DooleyAdding a new simple Comlib Multicast strategy that...
2009-06-04 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2009-06-03 Isaac DooleyMoving some comlib startup code to an initproc routine...
2009-05-28 Isaac DooleyMissed a dependency in the makefile.
2009-05-28 Isaac DooleyThe new version of comlib! This version passed "make...
2009-05-28 Isaac DooleyImplementing a two-phase critical path detection scheme...
2009-04-03 Esteban MenesesIntroducing support for message logging fault tolerance
2009-03-17 Isaac DooleyAdding a new map class that can be used to specify...
2009-01-30 Gengbin Zhengadded bigsim_record.C and bigsim_record.h into makefile
2008-12-31 Gengbin Zhengfixed the broken file after Chao's last checkin
2008-12-30 Chao MeiChanges for out-of-core emulation in BigSim.
2008-12-05 Phil MillerTask: Shared bulk data in emulation
2008-12-04 Isaac DooleyAdding optional support for critical path detection...
2008-11-22 Gengbin Zhengupdated to the new files.
2008-11-22 Chee Wai LeeModifications for TAU tracing in the Charm++ framework.
2008-11-13 Isaac DooleyAdding a control point framework. It is a module create...
2008-10-07 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2008-09-14 Chee Wai LeeForgot to add trace-simple's dependencies into this...
2008-08-15 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2007-10-23 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded support for memory tracing
2007-07-21 Greg KoenigMore updates for GridHybridSeedLB.
2007-06-24 Greg KoenigMore modifications to makefiles to allow new GridHybrid...
2006-11-13 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2006-11-09 Eric Bohmsupport for RectMulticastStrategy
2006-11-02 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2006-08-02 Gengbin Zhengblue_init.C => bigsim_init.C
2006-08-02 Gengbin Zhengmore name change blue => bigsim
2006-07-11 Gengbin Zhengbluegene => bigsim
2006-07-10 Sayantan Chakravortychanged blue_logs.h into bigsim_logs.h
2006-05-05 Yan ShiMake file to compile igetcontrol file
2006-04-12 Greg KoenigUpdated build scripts to include GridMetisLB.
2006-03-25 Greg KoenigAdded GridCommRefineLB to the default build process.
2006-03-16 Gengbin Zhengbuild a libckf.a for ck fortan api.
2005-09-24 Sayantan ChakravortyAdded BlockLb files to make file and dependency
2005-08-10 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2005-07-25 Filippo Gioachinchanging comlib.h into convcomlib.h, and adding a new...
2005-06-25 Sayantan ChakravortyChecked in the code for the evacuation scheme of fault...
2005-05-06 Amit SharmaAdded a new topology conscious LB called TopoCentLB
2005-05-05 Chao HuangIntegrated Prefix Router for alltoall operation. It...
2005-04-29 Tarun AgarwalAdding RefineTopoLB: a topology-based refiner
2005-04-23 Filippo Gioachinnew converse strategy for message pipelining (point...
2005-04-21 Sameer KumarAdding new strategy into comlib.
2005-04-20 Tarun AgarwalAdding TopoLB: a new Topology-Aware loadbalancer
2005-04-16 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2005-04-13 Gengbin Zhengupdated for new blue_standalone.C
2005-04-05 Gengbin Zhengupdated for new files added.
2005-03-26 Gengbin Zhengupdated for new HybridBaseLB.
2005-03-24 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2005-03-18 Tarun AgarwalAdded RefineKLB to the Makefiles
2005-03-16 Eric BohmAdd cmipool to converse.
2005-03-13 Gengbin Zhengadded LBProfit into Makefile.
2005-02-19 Gengbin Zhengadded GreedyAgentLB.
2005-02-08 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2005-02-08 Greg KoenigMake.depends had 8 spaces in it instead of a TAB.
2005-02-08 Greg KoenigModifications to makefiles to allow building Charm...
2005-01-23 Gengbin Zhengadded LBAgent.[hC] into charm official compilation.
2005-01-10 Gengbin Zhengincreased version number.
2004-11-20 Greg KoenigThese changes add a new Charm++ load balancer strategy...
2004-11-19 Gengbin Zhengupdated after removing GreedyRefLB.* and RandRefLB.*
2004-11-19 Gengbin Zhengadded new file lbdbf.C and its make rules.
2004-10-15 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2004-10-11 Gengbin Zhengadded make rule for compiling blue_stub.o into library...
2004-10-06 Sameer KumarAdding new files for the learners
2004-07-02 Filippo Gioachinrename converse pipelined broadcast files
2004-07-02 Filippo Gioachinrename converse pipelined broadcast files
2004-07-01 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2004-06-30 Filippo Gioachinadding pipebroadcaststrategy to the makefile
2004-06-15 Gengbin Zhengupdated for new file conv-counter.c
2004-06-06 Sameer KumarNew version with migration and forwarding always workin...
2004-05-19 Sameer KumarNew make file and Make.depends for the communication...
2004-02-20 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2004-02-02 Gengbin Zhengcharmc takes bgconverse++ to link bluegene converse...
2004-01-26 Gengbin Zhengupdated new rule for CentralPredictor.C.
2004-01-05 Gengbin Zhengupdated with the rules to new file ckobjQ.C.
2003-12-19 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2003-12-12 Gengbin Zhenguse NATIVECHARMC to compile conv-cpm, phasing out ...
2003-12-09 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2003-12-08 Zheng ShaoNeighborCommLB added.
2003-11-27 Rashmi Jyothiadded rule for trace-recordreplay.o
2003-11-23 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2003-11-14 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2003-11-03 Gengbin Zhenggenerate new rule for debug-charm.C.
2003-10-30 Gengbin Zhengupdated for new file LBTopology.[hC].
2003-10-30 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2003-10-27 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2003-10-14 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2003-10-09 Gengbin Zhengupdated.
2003-09-29 Gengbin Zhengadded trace-all.o into TRACE_OBJS.
2003-09-28 Gengbin Zhengadded new lb files.
2003-09-28 Gengbin Zhengoops, need to add -I. in the generated rules.
2003-09-28 Gengbin Zhengusing script to generate conv-core objects too.