AMPI: Add fsglobals (filesystem) and pipglobals (Process-in-Process) privatization...
[charm.git] / src / libs / ck-libs / ampi / Makefile
2019-05-08 Evan RamosAMPI: Add fsglobals (filesystem) and pipglobals (Proces... 88/4788/36
2019-05-08 Evan RamosWrap all RTS functions exposed to AMPI programs in... 84/4784/27
2019-05-01 Matthias DienerAMPI: copy to bin dir 54/5154/1
2019-04-04 Matthias Dienerbug #2056: unset MPI_LIB before building ROMIO 59/5059/1
2019-04-02 Matthias Dienerampi: do not put mpi.h in include/ 45/5045/6
2019-03-20 Matthias DienerAMPI: implement all missing MPI functions to abort... 26/5026/7
2019-03-14 Evan RamosROMIO: Fix configure step portably 20/5020/4
2019-02-15 Sam WhiteAMPI: Add support for and example of primitive Charm... 66/4366/23
2019-02-14 Matthias DienerAMPI #952: update ROMIO to MPICH2-1.4.1p1 33/4933/17
2018-08-31 Evan RamosImplement conv-mach-opt.mak 27/4527/6
2018-08-20 Matthias DienerAMPI: implement MPIX_Grequest_start 91/4391/9
2018-07-26 Matthias DienerAMPI: clean up Cygwin detection 98/4398/2
2018-02-11 Matthias DienerAMPI: add ampirun script (#1766) 27/3527/16
2018-02-09 Evan RamosPass $OPTS to ROMIO's configure script 96/3696/3
2018-02-06 Matthias DienerAMPI: remove Projector interface 35/3635/2
2018-02-01 Matthias DienerBug #1791: Fix ddt.C dependency 09/3609/3
2018-01-12 Matthias DienerAMPI: Enable building ROMIO as shared library (#1668) 99/3499/6
2018-01-10 Matthias DienerAMPI: Integrate DDT into ampi directory 68/3468/5
2017-07-13 Matthias DienerWin: Fix romio compilation 77/2777/1
2017-07-12 Matthias DienerWin*: prevent overriding LIB variable in Makefile 76/2776/1
2017-07-11 Matthias DienerROMIO: Simplify compilation 61/2761/4
2017-04-24 Matthias DienerAMPI: Depend on tcharm headers for make 28/2428/1
2016-11-06 Sam WhiteAMPI: do not rebuild ROMIO if it was already built 71/1971/4
2016-09-08 Sam WhiteAMPI #1114: build and link ROMIO by default on AMPI 33/1833/9
2016-09-07 Sam WhiteAMPI #1198: include ROMIO's mpio headers in AMPI's... 32/1832/2
2016-09-07 Sam WhiteAMPI #1190: rename C++ main routines without args correctly 31/1831/2
2016-07-19 Sam WhiteBug #1142 AMPI: allow main() to take arbitrary argument... 16/1316/5
2016-05-19 Sam WhiteAMPIF #1078: Terminate Fortran strings correctly. 09/1209/11
2016-05-09 Sam WhiteAMPI: remove script 76/1176/2
2013-03-29 Ramprasad VenkataramanMerge remote repository 'charmgit:perftest/charm/xcastr...
2013-02-20 Nikhil JainRemoving an echo that get left in the previous commit
2013-02-20 Nikhil JainFix the bug in Makefile that prevented building ROM-IO
2012-04-11 Chao MeiMerge nodehelper lib and example codes into charm
2011-10-21 Chao Meiinitial checkin
2009-06-04 Gengbin Zhengrenamed original mpi scripts
2009-06-03 Gengbin Zhengremoved mpicc since it is same as mpiCC. Makefile will...
2009-06-03 Gengbin Zhengdo not provide mpicc named scripts
2009-06-03 Gengbin Zhengcopy mpicc, etc to ampicc for alternatives.
2008-11-24 Gengbin Zhengcopy mpicxx to bin
2006-05-05 Yan Shimakefile change .
2005-03-10 Chao Huangadd comlib support (turned off by default)
2005-01-30 Gengbin Zhengrollback to the version before the change of fragmentat...
2005-01-25 Chao HuangThere have been two features added: fragmented AMPI...
2004-09-10 Gengbin Zhengfixed make clean when go into romio.
2004-07-21 Gengbin Zhengput a '-' before romio make rule to ignore error code.
2004-06-21 Chao HuangRemoved ROMIO from automatic build target. Now we need...
2004-06-16 Chao HuangFixed ROMIO make dependency.
2004-06-08 Chao HuangUse absolute directory in installing romio. (hopefully...
2004-06-04 Chao HuangIntegrated ROMIO library into AMPI, including the sourc...
2004-02-02 Orion LawlorFixes for MPI_Attr types, used by PETSc.
2004-01-22 Chao HuangAdded MPI_Op_create/free, also defined MPI_Op as a...
2003-12-17 Chao HuangAdded MPI_Info_* in the MPI-2 Miscellaneous category.
2003-12-09 Vikas Mehtafixed pup routines and emptied ampiOOQ.h
2003-12-09 Yan Shi1. Merged one-sided communication calls from MPI_Win...
2003-12-05 Chao HuangAdded make rule for win_obj.o and MPI_Win.o
2003-12-02 Chao HuangFixed previous problems on Yan's check-in.
2003-12-02 Gengbin Zhengrecovered one missing change for dependence rule.
2003-12-02 Gengbin Zhengreversed last checkins to the latest good version....
2003-12-02 Orion LawlorUse old relative path to charmc, instead of hardcoded
2003-12-02 Yan ShiAdded in one-sided communication functions.
2003-11-24 Vikas Mehtachanges to use the modified data structure for storing...
2003-10-29 Gengbin Zhengfixed rule of ampiProjections.o for parallel make
2003-10-04 Vikas Mehtaadded a new fixed size queue for ampi
2003-09-27 Gengbin Zhengsmall changes for parallel make
2003-07-09 Sayantan Chakravortyfiles for tracing ampi have been moved into the same...
2003-05-31 Gengbin Zhengupdate initcall; changed name libmoduleampi-compat...
2003-05-25 Gengbin Zhengseparate compat_*.o into a new lib.
2003-01-20 Orion LawlorAdded .dep module dependency list files.
2002-07-24 Orion LawlorSlightly rearranged startup sequence-- MPI_Setup now...
2002-07-24 Orion LawlorNeed 'mpif.h' because some fortran guys just include...
2002-05-17 Orion LawlorAdding an "echo" to the AMPI target prevents Make from...
2002-04-25 Orion LawlorCopy mpiCC scripts to bin/. Also copy ampi.h to mpi...
2002-03-16 Milind BhandarkarFixed Fortran90 versionof AMPI-> MPI change.
2002-02-21 Gunavardhan KakulapatiFixed path.
2001-12-06 Orion LawlorNow that AMPI's a library, it has its own makefile.