Fixed to compile and run on origin2000 and origin-pthreads.
[charm.git] / src / conv-ldb / cldb.c
1999-08-23 Milind BhandarkarFixed to compile and run on origin2000 and origin-pthreads.
1999-06-29 Milind BhandarkarRemoved almost all warnings on origin2000.
1999-06-01 Terry L. WilmarthUpdated cldb with additional functions.
1999-05-04 Milind BhandarkarAdded the language-specific load estimator API.
1998-11-13 Terry L. WilmarthUpdated for CsdNotify stuff.
1998-11-06 Terry L. WilmarthRemoved CldAvgLoad declaration (not using it anymore).
1998-10-29 Milind BhandarkarFixed all the memory leaks in cldb.c and cldb.graph.c
1998-10-13 Terry L. WilmarthAdded CldNotify.
1998-07-02 Josh YelonChanged CldEnqueue to three parameters ( no pack function )
1998-06-15 Terry L. WilmarthMade changes to account for new extended headers.
1998-06-08 Terry L. WilmarthSeveral fixes to CldGeneralModuleInit and CldGetToken...
1998-05-27 Josh YelonAdded the token management stuff.
1998-03-02 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***