Enable MPI_SMP.
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2012-04-11 Chao MeiMerge nodehelper lib and example codes into charm
2011-10-21 Chao Meiinitial checkin
2006-03-31 Gengbin Zhengremoved CMK_MOD_EXT
2006-03-05 Greg KoenigModify vmi-linux to use Quickthreads on IA-32.
2006-02-22 Greg KoenigChanged these files before to add -DNO_LOCK and shared...
2006-02-20 Gengbin Zhenga typo
2006-02-20 Greg KoenigModified build for Tungsten autobuild.
2006-01-19 Greg KoenigChanged default timer used by all VMI implementations...
2006-01-18 Greg KoenigChanged default installation directory for VMI to ...
2004-03-31 Gengbin Zhengchanged SEQ to NATIVE for less confusion.
2004-03-09 Greg KoenigAdded files to build with Intel compiler for x86.
2004-01-07 Greg KoenigUpdated to fix a bug in persistent communications in...
2003-08-14 Greg KoenigMore cleanup for IA-32 and IA-64 building.
2003-08-14 Greg KoenigModifications for IA-64 support.
2003-08-14 Greg KoenigBug fix in termination.
2003-08-13 Greg KoenigAdded VMI machine layer (koenig's thesis) to repository.