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[charm.git] / src / arch / net / machine.c
1997-08-04 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-08-01 Milind BhandarkarFixed posixthreads bug.
1997-08-01 Josh YelonFixed bug in priming protocol.
1997-07-31 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-07-30 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-07-30 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-07-28 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-07-26 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-05-05 Josh YelonFixed alignment bug: CmiGeneralSend using jmemcpy
1997-05-05 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-05-05 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1997-04-30 Josh YelonMade improvements to protocol, now retransmits more...
1997-04-25 Josh YelonCorrected CmiNotifyIdle
1997-04-24 Josh YelonAdded CmiNotifyIdle
1997-04-21 Josh YelonUpdated logging code.
1997-03-21 Milind BhandarkarIn ConverseExit, instead of jsleep'ing for Cmi_shutdown...
1997-03-19 Milind BhandarkarGot net-irix to work. Had to modify jsleep to deal...
1997-03-19 Josh YelonRedesigned ConverseInit
1997-03-17 Milind BhandarkarAdded Idle Notification Functionality:
1997-03-13 Josh YelonFixed an error in arg parsing.
1997-02-13 Milind BhandarkarFixed a minor typo in CmiSignal in convcore.c.
1997-02-13 Josh YelonModified everything for new main/ConverseInit structure...
1997-02-11 Josh YelonRemoved tight read-loop from ctrl_sendone.
1997-02-08 Josh YelonStill tryin' to get the bugs out.
1997-02-07 Josh YelonNothing major.
1997-02-06 Josh YelonFixed a bug.
1997-02-06 Josh Yelonmachine.c rewritten from scratch. It's a whole new...
1997-01-17 Milind BhandarkarAdded MemLocks around malloc and free for non-reentrant...
1997-01-17 Milind BhandarkarRemoved CmiInterruptsRelease and CmiInterruptsBlock...
1997-01-17 Josh YelonCreated the SMP version, as a part of the net version.
1997-01-16 Milind BhandarkarRemoved the netBcast code from machine.c in Common...
1997-01-15 Milind BhandarkarChanged CmiAlloc interrupt-safe for HP machines.
1997-01-15 Josh YelonModifications to make network version more amenable...
1996-11-20 Josh YelonRepaired rob's HP/C++ mods.
1996-11-08 Robert BrunnerPut _main in for HP-UX CC compilation. It is ignored...
1996-10-24 Milind BhandarkarAdded CMK_IS_HETERO to all the net-all versions.
1996-10-24 Milind BhandarkarAdded the htonl and ntohl macros to the datagram headers.
1996-09-13 Milind BhandarkarAdded netBcast
1996-08-08 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1996-08-07 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1996-07-16 Milind BhandarkarAdded Special vector send routines.
1996-07-15 Josh YelonMoved much timer, signal, etc code into common.
1996-07-12 Josh YelonChanges to ASYNC and SIGNAL handling.
1996-06-24 Milind Bhandarkar*** empty log message ***
1996-05-01 Milind BhandarkarOptimizations done.
1996-02-10 Sanjeev Krishnanfixed bugs in CmiNumNeighbours, CmiGetNodeNeighbours...
1996-01-30 Laxmikant Kaleadded setsockopt call for send/rcv buffers both, and...
1996-01-25 Milind BhandarkarCorrected a minor typo.
1996-01-21 Laxmikant KaleAdded setsockopt() call to increase the number od dgram...
1996-01-12 Josh YelonOptimized CmiTimerWallClock usage and set WINDOW_SIZE=3
1996-01-12 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-11-08 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-11-07 Josh YelonChanged Neighbours-functions to return a Hypercube
1995-10-27 Josh YelonChanged CmiNumPe --> CmiNumPes
1995-10-13 Josh YelonCorrections pertaining to prototyping of CmiPrintf.
1995-10-13 Josh YelonK&R changes.
1995-10-11 Josh YelonReenabled interrupts (with all that entails).
1995-09-29 Josh YelonCmiGet-->CmiDeliver, added protos, etc.
1995-09-28 Josh YelonEnabled send-to-self.
1995-09-20 Attila Gursoythis time really made the arg of CmiFree and CmiSize...
1995-09-20 Attila Gursoymade the arg of CmiFree and CmiSize void*
1995-09-20 Josh YelonCorrected an error message.
1995-09-14 Josh YelonMade 'no-interrupts' the default (in fact, no way to...
1995-09-07 Josh YelonAdded prefixes to Cpv and Csv macros, fixed bugs thereb...
1995-09-01 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-07-03 Attila Gursoychanged charm_main to user_main
1995-06-15 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-06-12 Josh Yelon*** empty log message ***
1995-06-05 Robert BrunnerReorganized directory structure