Changed the interOperate to a global variable so that it is initialized from
[charm.git] / src / arch / net-win32 /
2011-11-16 Pritish JetleyMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2011-11-15 Nikhil JainMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into isomalloc
2011-11-13 Nikhil JainMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2011-11-11 Gengbin Zhengdefine CMK_CPP_CHARM
2009-10-06 Gengbin Zhengsome clean up
2009-02-28 Gengbin Zhengturned on pcqueue lock
2009-01-31 Gengbin Zhengdefine CMK_PCQUEUE_LOCK to 1 for SMP
2009-01-23 Gengbin Zhengswitch back to Fiber thread
2009-01-23 Gengbin Zhengmake sure fibers is used for win32 smp
2009-01-22 Gengbin Zhenguse uJcontext instead of fiber since fiber threads...
2007-09-11 Filippo GioachinAdded definition of CMK_64BIT
2005-11-20 Gengbin Zhengsuppressed warnings about deprecated functions.
2005-11-14 Gengbin Zhengdefine CMK_LD and CMK_LDXX and SEQ compilers.
2005-03-07 Filippo Gioachindeleted an unused flag (dead code)
2004-01-11 Gengbin Zhengno need to set CMK_NO_BUILD_SHARED, it is tested in...
2004-01-06 Gengbin Zhengdefines CMK_QT to none.
2003-06-12 Gengbin Zhengdefine uniform CM_SMP for all smp supported version...
2003-05-26 Gengbin Zhengdisable build-shared in net-win32
2003-03-21 Orion LawlorRemoved redunant symbols to charm/src/scripts/conv...
2003-03-21 Orion LawlorPulled common symbols out of conv-mach, into conv-config.h.
2002-01-06 Gengbin Zhengremoved net commons.
2001-12-10 Orion LawlorMade smp a build option for win32.
2001-11-16 Gengbin Zhengset CMK_COMPILEMODE_ANSI to 1 for VC++
2001-03-07 Gengbin Zhengmissed CMK_CPP_C which is needed by -gen-cpm
2001-03-01 Milind BhandarkarFixed the simulator sources so that CsdExitScheduler...
2001-03-01 Milind BhandarkarRemoved CMK_COMMHANDLE macros.
2001-03-01 Milind BhandarkarGot rid of the CMK_SIZE_T macro, since size_t is ansi.
2001-03-01 Milind BhandarkarRemoved CMK_SIGHOLD macros as they were not needed...
2001-01-29 Orion LawlorNew UNIX-style build system requires the usual conv...
2000-12-20 Orion LawlorRemoved old/automatically determined entries. (see...
2000-09-21 Orion LawlorEnabled CCS, which now works.
2000-03-02 Milind BhandarkarAdded nice header using CVS keywords for *.[cCh] files.
2000-02-19 Sameer ParanjpyeInitial revision