Changed the interOperate to a global variable so that it is initialized from
[charm.git] / src / arch / net-linux-amd64-cuda /
2010-10-31 Abhishek GuptaMerge remote branch 'origin/charmrun' into charmrun
2010-10-30 Abhishek GuptaMerge commit 'origin/charm' into scratch
2010-03-06 Eric BohmMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2010-03-04 Gengbin ZhengMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2010-02-25 Lukasz WesolowskiCUDA: Modified the Makefile and configuration files...
2009-03-26 Lukasz WesolowskiAdding support for ibverbs in net-linux-amd64-cuda.