suport x86_64 and multicore-linux64 and the reordering of darwin
[charm.git] /
2008-05-16 Eric Bohmsuport x86_64 and multicore-linux64 and the reordering...
2008-04-22 Isaac DooleyRemoved extraneous print statment.
2008-04-22 Isaac DooleyCombined the options for multicore/smp/pxshm into a...
2008-01-11 Isaac DooleyIncorporating some suggestions about the compiler flags...
2007-12-13 Isaac DooleyWhen autodetecting mpicxx, the mpicxx compiler is selec...
2007-12-12 Aaron Beckerfixed list for special options in addition to compilers
2007-12-12 Aaron BeckerIf no compiler options are available, don't ask
2007-12-11 Gengbin Zhenga few minor bug fixed
2007-12-11 Isaac DooleyAdding detection of mpicc using "which". If mpicc and...
2007-12-11 Isaac DooleyMoved repeated code into a subroutine.
2007-12-11 Isaac DooleyAdded some comments in the script
2007-12-11 Isaac DooleyAdded more explanations.
2007-12-11 Isaac DooleyAdded descriptions for some options
2007-12-09 Isaac DooleyAdded "optimized with projections" flags which don...
2007-12-07 Isaac DooleyFixed an error
2007-12-07 Isaac DooleyNow the compiler options are extracted from "./build...
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyAdding support for VMI/MPI
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyAdding mpicxx as compiler option.
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyAppend results to smart-build.log.
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyFixed a minor formatting problem with output.
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyAdded bluegenep
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyDetects AIX and treats it like linux.
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyRestructured the determination of $arch
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyAdded support for alpha.
2007-12-06 Isaac DooleyThe smart build command now saves the build command...
2007-12-05 Isaac DooleyNow recognize old mac OSX powerpc.
2007-12-05 Aaron Beckerfixed string concat problem
2007-12-05 Aaron BeckerSmart-build interactive script, initial version