Merge branch 'charm' into development
[charm.git] / examples / ampi /
2010-02-02 Filippo GioachinMerge branch 'charm' into development
2010-01-27 Forrest IandolaFixed a bug in the line that compiles pingpong 2way.
2009-08-24 Gengbin Zhengkill charmrun if jacobi.iso hangs. (this does not neces...
2009-08-18 Gengbin Zhengminor change
2009-08-18 Gengbin Zhenguse ampicxx
2009-05-12 Filippo Gioachinfixed problem with parallel make
2009-02-06 Gengbin Zhengfor AIX, avoid new. Looks like new does not go to mallo...
2009-02-04 Gengbin Zhengadded ./
2008-06-13 Gengbin Zhengsimple changes.
2008-05-21 Gengbin Zhengstart jacobi.iso in background, kill it after 30 seconds
2007-10-17 Gengbin Zhengfixed TESTOPTS
2007-10-17 Gengbin Zhengadded TESTOPTS
2007-10-02 Gengbin Zhengfixed "all"
2007-09-20 Abhinav Bhatele"all" target added
2007-02-13 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2007-02-12 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2007-02-11 Chao HuangAdded -DNO_PUP for jacobi by mistake...
2007-02-10 Chao Huangbug fix
2007-02-09 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2007-02-09 Chao Huangcomplete make clean target
2007-02-09 Chao Huangc++ version of jacobi
2006-12-04 Isaac DooleyReverting over previous change.
2006-12-04 Isaac DooleyUsing charmc instead of MPICC
2006-08-25 Gengbin Zhengpass TESTOPTS
2006-07-14 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2006-07-14 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2006-07-14 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2006-06-21 Gengbin Zhengchanged // to /* */
2006-05-03 Isaac DooleyLarger stacksize
2006-05-03 Isaac DooleyBetter Version
2006-05-02 Isaac Dooley*** empty log message ***
2006-05-02 Isaac DooleyTesting different alltoall algorithms against each...
2006-04-20 Gengbin Zhengfixed reduction
2006-04-16 Yan ShiFortran test code for alltoall. Needed to investigate...
2006-04-12 Isaac DooleyAdded min usage too.
2006-04-12 Isaac DooleyFixed the resetting of max memory counter after the...
2006-04-12 Yan Shionly start timer after warmup. and only reset memory...
2006-04-11 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug when it can not be negative when using...
2006-04-10 Gengbin Zhengfixed a bug when mem is negative
2006-04-10 Gengbin Zhengupdated
2006-04-10 Yan ShiMakefile change.
2006-04-10 Yan ShiUpdates: more correct refine loop. Still need some...
2006-04-09 Gengbin Zhengchanged the scheme to calculate max mem
2006-04-07 Yan ShiFixed to get ghost with user defined type. Still need to
2006-04-07 Yan ShiTest code for Put/Get, and IGet
2006-04-07 Yan ShiProgram to do jacobi with MPI_IGet. Need correct packin...
2006-03-29 Isaac DooleyRunscript for the benchmark
2006-03-29 Isaac DooleyAdded another all to all test.
2006-03-29 Isaac DooleyRemoved windows line feeds.
2005-09-20 Gengbin Zhengadded back missing NO_PUP for isomalloc version.
2005-09-20 Chao HuangAdded test for iso and use RotateLB
2005-09-20 Chao HuangRoll back to 12/04 to correct my accidental checkin...
2005-09-12 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-05-18 Isaac DooleyRemoved a transient function call which doesn't exist...
2005-04-28 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-04-07 Chao HuangTake off Cjacobi3D when I'm messing it up with benchmar...
2005-04-07 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-04-07 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-04-05 Filippo Gioachinfixed missing module
2005-04-02 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-04-01 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-04-01 Chao HuangChecked in an alltoall benchmark
2005-03-01 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-02-21 Sameer Kumarmaking elapsed_time a double. Pingpong on small number...
2005-02-08 Sameer Kumar*** empty log message ***
2005-02-08 Sameer Kumarcleaning up pingpong
2005-02-07 Eric BohmSet all target as default rather than test.
2005-02-02 Chao Huang*** empty log message ***
2005-01-23 Gengbin Zhengswitch to RotateLB.
2005-01-22 Gengbin Zhengtested isomalloc (allow failure though)
2004-10-24 Gengbin Zhengset up for bgtest
2004-10-15 Gengbin Zhengadded an additional parameter for num of iterations
2004-10-15 Gengbin Zhengadded a bgtest target
2004-10-15 Gengbin Zhengfor bigsim
2004-10-13 Orion LawlorAdded "test" targets to all Makefiles.
2004-09-08 Chao HuangAdd test cases for AMPI