make topo a nodegroup.
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2012-09-21 Eric Bohmdocs: pup remove deprecated call to pupmarshall
2012-09-20 Aaron BeckerMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2012-09-19 Ramprasad VenkataramanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/charm' into charm
2012-09-18 Ramprasad VenkataramanMerge branch 'newManual' into charm
2012-09-18 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: minor fix to chapter heading
2012-09-18 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: topo is a chapter of its own. remove section heading
2012-09-14 Aaron BeckerMerge branch 'charm' into amicableErrorMessages
2012-09-06 Chao Meidoc:entry method attributes: added examples or referenc...
2012-09-06 Harshithaadding a note to quiescence detection
2012-09-05 Nikhil JainMerge branch 'charm' of charmgit:charm into charm
2012-08-31 Akhil Langerminor note in the reductions section
2012-08-30 Chao MeiAdded the usage for CkLoop library
2012-08-29 Ramprasad VenkataramanRevert "doc: zap archaic text abt compiler support...
2012-08-29 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: zap archaic text abt compiler support for templates
2012-08-29 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Re-enable 1page manual by jumping through a few...
2012-08-24 Nikhil JainMinor
2012-08-24 Nikhil JainMinor
2012-08-24 Nikhil JainChanges to topology section, deleting the non-existing...
2012-08-24 HarshithaChanges to the advancedlb text and adding the location...
2012-08-23 Jonathan Lifflanderdocs: Modify delivery order section and add an example...
2012-08-22 Aaron BeckerMerge branch 'newManual' of charmgit:charm into newManual
2012-08-21 Aaron Beckerdocs: add reference to sync example program
2012-08-21 Harshithaadding the ccs link to dynamic code injection section
2012-08-21 Aaron Beckerdocs: edits for advanced arrays
2012-08-21 Aaron Beckerdocs: Add text about using namespaces in interface...
2012-08-21 Harshithaminor changes to advancedlb
2012-08-21 Harshithachanges to the advanced lb section
2012-08-21 Ralf Gunterscope not correctly closed made rest of chapter use...
2012-08-21 Eric Bohmdocs : python : upcase section titles
2012-08-21 Eric Bohmdocs : python: grammar ans
2012-08-21 Nikhil JainMinor
2012-08-21 Nikhil JainAdding Esteban's suggestion to Interoperability section
2012-08-19 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: stop using textsc for charm, converse etc
2012-08-19 Nikhil JainAdding a section on interoperability
2012-08-15 Esteban MenesesFixing typo.
2012-08-10 Pritish Jetleywaiting on -> waiting for
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleydoc/charm++: quiescence edits
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleydoc/charm++: added label to creation subsection
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleydoc/charm++: startup order: proper double quotes
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleydoc/charm++: revisions to futures section
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleydoc/charm++: sync entry method revisions
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleydoc/charm++: threaded entry method revisions
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleydoc/charm++: startup text revisions
2012-08-08 Pritish Jetleyminor revisions of initialization text
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: change default link styling
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: link to home page and other manuals
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: dont generate an info page
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: some css cleanup
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: style the maincontainer instead of body
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: provide visual hint to existence of pull down...
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: use symbols for navigation
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: nuke old shell script used for sanitizing
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: dont lose title while sanitizing markup
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: use a pointer cursor only if js is active
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: rename some html assets
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Simply use dom parser to insert head section
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: move all assets into single dir
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: insert navmenu TOC only if there isnt one already
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: comment out some unwritten sections
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: retain chapter numbers in navbar toc
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Separate UP link is not required in navbar
2012-08-07 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Generate, embed and animate a table of contents...
2012-08-07 Phil MillerDocs checkpoint: be less restrictive about how to coord...
2012-08-06 Chao Meidoc:startup reorganized initproc/initnode calls
2012-08-06 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: dont refer to dead section
2012-08-06 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: first pass at updating credits
2012-08-06 Ramprasad Venkataramanbuild 1 page manual before the rest
2012-08-06 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: invoke sanitization script from make
2012-08-06 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Sanitize latex2html output by using python lib...
2012-08-06 Chao Meidoc: add the initproc and initnode calls back to the...
2012-08-06 Akhil Langerdoc reductions: minor text update
2012-08-06 Phil MillerDocs: Compilation updated to remove archaisms
2012-08-06 Phil MillerDocs: refer to, not
2012-08-06 Phil MillerDocs: Editing pass for checkpoint/restart
2012-08-05 Akhil Langerdocs callback: minor updates
2012-08-05 Akhil Langerminor updates to reductions
2012-08-05 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: fix regex munging that sanitizes the generated...
2012-08-05 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: \tt causes nightmares with lates2html
2012-08-05 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: 1 page manual has its own make target: html1page
2012-08-05 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: latex2html (shaking fist) processes commented...
2012-08-05 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: latex2html -t is not what i thought it was
2012-08-05 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: minor cleanup to scripts
2012-08-05 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: temporarily remove heterogeneity chapter
2012-08-04 Eric Bohmdoc:PUP: forward ref dynamic alloc and add intro paragr...
2012-08-04 Eric Bohmdoc:PUP: Note default assumption for object state durin...
2012-08-04 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: minor cleanup in inserted markup
2012-08-04 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Use DOCTITLE to set manual first page title
2012-08-04 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Strip tags and capitalization from manual titles
2012-08-04 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Set manual title in the Makefile itself instead...
2012-08-04 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: shrink font sizes in navbar
2012-08-04 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: latex2html barfs on href. Tmp soln: dont feed...
2012-08-04 Nikhil JainChanges to Install
2012-08-03 Phil MillerDocs: Link exammple and test references to our gitweb
2012-08-03 Lukasz Wesolowskidoc/charm++: proofreading group and nodegroup sections...
2012-08-03 Eric Bohmdocs: tracing: fix formatting for +traceprocessors
2012-08-03 Eric Bohmdoc:tracing: add entry for +traceprocessors, which...
2012-08-03 Eric Bohmdoc:Adv Arrays+PUP: insert and update paths to pup...
2012-08-03 Eric Bohmdoc:run: add note about using aprun/ibrun
2012-08-03 Ramprasad Venkataramandoc: Link to the new page which lists all manuals
2012-08-03 Phil MillerRegularize references to examples, so that we can link...