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2007-12-10 Filippo Gioachindeleted package xspace form default inclusion into...
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2004-03-05 Jayant DeSouzaAdded \xspace, \jade.
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2003-02-03 Orion LawlorAdded \term, for use in definitions. It just boldfaces
2002-12-13 Orion LawlorRemoved /em stuff from C++ declaration, because latex2html
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2000-12-27 Milind BhandarkarFixed most of charm++ manual.
2000-12-14 Milind BhandarkarAdded commands for libraries.
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2000-12-11 Milind BhandarkarMade converse manual use pplmanual style.
2000-12-10 Milind BhandarkarA workaround for latex2html deficiencies.