Fixed building doc from top. Also, changed the version number to 5.4 release 1.
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2001-02-28 Milind BhandarkarFixed building doc from top. Also, changed the version...
2001-02-26 Terry L. WilmarthFixed path to pplmanual package.
2000-12-10 Milind BhandarkarA workaround for latex2html deficiencies.
2000-12-08 Milind BhandarkarMerged Orion's changes.
2000-12-08 Orion LawlorFigures are now from xfig originals instead of .gif...
2000-12-08 Milind BhandarkarAdded pplmanual.sty.
2000-12-06 Milind Bhandarkarformatting changes.
2000-12-05 Milind BhandarkarFixed a lot of formating.
2000-12-05 Milind BhandarkarAdded fem framework manual.