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1998-09-23 Parthasarathy Rama... Modified documentation for CmiMultipleSend
1998-03-16 Milind Bhandarkarfixed fn prototypes for CsdNotify.
1998-03-16 Milind BhandarkarAdded CsdNotifyIdle documentation.
1998-03-11 Parthasarathy Rama... Added manual info for CmiMultipleSend()
1998-03-11 Josh YelonAdded multicast.
1997-07-29 Milind BhandarkarUpdated machine model chapter and merged it with Cmi...
1997-07-28 Josh YelonChanged usched to schedmode, since I'm planning on...
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1997-07-23 Terry L. WilmarthMade some fixes to the conditions section.
1997-07-22 Laxmikant Kale*** empty log message ***
1997-07-22 Laxmikant Kaledescribes the conv_conds module.
1997-07-22 Laxmikant Kaleadded "\input {conditions}"
1997-07-19 Terry L. WilmarthSeveral changes to correct/clarify test were made.
1997-06-26 Josh Yelonfinished overhaul.
1997-06-26 Josh YelonStill improving manual.
1997-06-25 Josh YelonJust trying to make this whole manual make more sense.
1997-03-21 Josh YelonWorking on the intro stuff again.
1997-03-19 Josh YelonAdded information about new new ConverseInit
1997-02-14 Josh YelonRewrote the stuff about main and user_main.
1996-11-20 Josh YelonUpdated manual entry for registration functions.
1996-11-20 Josh YelonCriminy.
1996-11-18 Milind BhandarkarMade changes to the scheduler section to reflect the...
1996-07-17 Milind BhandarkarAdded Vector Send description.
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1996-06-19 Josh YelonInitial revision
1996-06-19 Josh YelonAdded CPM section
1996-06-14 Josh YelonThis thing doesn't work at all. Restructured.
1995-11-16 Milind BhandarkarRan Spellcheck
1995-11-16 Milind Bhandarkarremoved hardwired reference.
1995-11-16 Milind Bhandarkaradded ack and date on title page.
1995-11-15 Robert BrunnerAdded cpvmacros.tex to Makefile so make co works.
1995-11-14 Laxmikant Kalechanges to: grab buffer, nodes->procNums (spantree...
1995-11-14 Laxmikant Kalenew chapter for msg managers and threads
1995-11-14 Laxmikant Kaleextended description of scheduler: defines what it...
1995-11-03 Milind BhandarkarFixed some stupid latex syntax error.
1995-11-03 Milind BhandarkarAdded explanation of LDB's.
1995-11-01 Milind BhandarkarAdded automatic generation of index.
1995-11-01 Milind BhandarkarAdded index entries.
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1995-11-01 Milind BhandarkarAdded the LDB section.
1995-10-30 Attila Gursoyfixed libck-unimain.o (was mispelled)
1995-10-30 Attila GursoyInitial revision
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarFormatted to fit onto a line.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarChanged CmiScanf prototype in the manual.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarRemoved CthSetVar and CthGetVar from the manual.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarChanged Cth variables macros to Ctv macros.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarRemoved the Load Balancing calls chapter from the manual.
1995-10-30 Milind BhandarkarAdded one more latex stage to remove undefined references.
1995-10-27 Milind BhandarkarIntegrated into Manual.
1995-10-27 Milind BhandarkarIntegrated cpvmacros into manual
1995-10-26 Attila GursoyInitial revision
1995-10-12 Josh YelonClarified (or maybe obfuscated) rules regarding schedul...
1995-10-12 Milind BhandarkarUpdated to include queueing functions.
1995-10-12 Milind BhandarkarUpdated to reflect complete broadcast functionality.
1995-10-12 Milind BhandarkarRemoved the processor group section
1995-10-12 Milind BhandarkarA lot of corrections.
1995-10-11 Josh YelonMade some corrections.
1995-10-10 Josh YelonInitial revision
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