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2002-05-26 Jayant DeSouzaReplaced thisChare by thishandle.
2002-05-22 Joshua UngerAdded info regarding use of __sdag_pup(PUP::er&)
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2000-09-07 Orion LawlorClarified a few points, after answering Neelam's reasonable
2000-06-13 Tim HinrichsNoted <charm++.h> must be included in arrays.
2000-04-15 Orion LawlorDocuments new arrays syntax-- multi-dimentional indices,
2000-02-29 Orion LawlorClarified semantics of array reduction call (tiny change).
2000-02-29 Orion LawlorCleaned up, corrected, and made examples and text consi...
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