Bigsim bare emulator examples: provide a dummy version of traceWriteSTS
authorPhil Miller <>
Tue, 22 May 2012 18:41:20 +0000 (13:41 -0500)
committerPhil Miller <>
Tue, 22 May 2012 18:45:51 +0000 (13:45 -0500)
Commit 1e05b13735befbeb78ba3ac9743f60e40047f279 made the Bigsim
emulator generate and STS file automatically, to remove the need for a
manual execution with Projections linked. That assumed that the
program running under emulation was going to link the Charm++
libraries, which doesn't hold for this small set of examples. Since an
STS file is meaningless for them (I think), provide a dummy version of
the missing function.

examples/bigsim/emulator/.gitignore [new file with mode: 0644]
examples/bigsim/emulator/common.C [new file with mode: 0644]

diff --git a/examples/bigsim/emulator/.gitignore b/examples/bigsim/emulator/.gitignore
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..2b2ab7d
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
index 9c0a9f6550fc278bec6afdc2a9538a3e6f9d6950..2427baa9880791fc3220e1de67c708c19557932f 100644 (file)
@@ -3,26 +3,26 @@ CHARMC=../../../bin/charmc $(OPTS)
 all: jacobi3D maxReduce prime ping octo line ring
        cd littleMD; $(MAKE)
-jacobi3D: jacobi3D.C
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o jacobi3D jacobi3D.C 
+jacobi3D: jacobi3D.C common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o jacobi3D $^
-maxReduce: maxReduce.C
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o maxReduce maxReduce.C
+maxReduce: maxReduce.C common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o maxReduce $^
-prime: prime.C
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o prime prime.C
+prime: prime.C common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o prime $^
-ping: ping.C
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o ping ping.C
+ping: ping.C common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o ping $^
-octo: octo.C
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o octo octo.C
+octo: octo.C common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o octo $^
-line: line.C
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o line line.C
+line: line.C common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o line $^
-ring: ring.C
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o ring ring.C
+ring: ring.C common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o ring $^
 test: all
        ./charmrun ./maxReduce +p4 +cth3 +wth10 +bgstacksize 102400 $(TESTOPTS)
diff --git a/examples/bigsim/emulator/common.C b/examples/bigsim/emulator/common.C
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..ef0d95f
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+#include <stdio.h>
+void traceWriteSTS(FILE *, int) {
index bda068a8ee4dfc38a817df4340e78c9b62f26de1..879307c6bb34436705de3d830bae8e2c6e6b4f17 100644 (file)
@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ CHARMC=../../../../bin/charmc $(OPTS)
 all: bgMD
-bgMD: bgMD.o Handlers.o 
-       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o bgMD bgMD.o Handlers.o
+bgMD: bgMD.o Handlers.o ../common.C
+       $(CHARMC) -language bigsim -o bgMD $^
 bgMD.o: bgMD.C bgMD.h Atom.h Cell.h SimParams.h
        $(CHARMC) -c bgMD.C