2011-10-24 Pritish JetleyState.h docs jetley/cleanup
2011-10-24 Pritish JetleyRequest doc
2011-10-24 Pritish JetleyReduction.cpp doc
2011-10-24 Pritish JetleyParameters doc
2011-10-24 Pritish JetleyNode.h comments
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleyfixed plummer code: bad allocatoin
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleyfixed compilation bug from removing haveNaN field of...
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleydoc for moments
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleydoc for messages
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleydoc for gravity routines
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleycleanup and document defines.h and defaults.h
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleyno need for drift default
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleymore comments
2011-10-23 Pritish Jetleyfixed bug when zero particles are submitted by tree...
2011-10-22 Ramprasad VenkataramanMerge remote branch 'origin/jetley/debug' into jetley...
2011-10-22 Pritish JetleyMerge branch 'jetley/debug' of charmgit:benchmarks...
2011-10-22 Pritish Jetleyremoved getOwnershipFromChildren : unneeded
2011-10-22 Abhishek GuptaAdding post-processing script to find avg step time.
2011-10-22 Pritish Jetleyproper instrumentation
2011-10-22 Pritish Jetleychanged filename string->char* because SMP version...
2011-10-22 Pritish Jetleyfixed problem with priorities of local and remote work
2011-10-22 Pritish JetleySeveral fixes:
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanUse reductiontarget attribute to get typed reductions gather-particles
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanCopy particles from incoming redn msg immediately to...
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanDataManager::myParticles is now a std::vector and not...
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanreceiveParticles identifies smallest and largest keys...
2011-10-21 Ramprasad Venkataramancontinue to be stingy with sloc
2011-10-21 Ramprasad Venkataramansave some measly sloc in TreePieceDescriptor
2011-10-21 Ramprasad Venkataramanmake the contribute calls look cleaner
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanReplace all use of ParticleMsg with CkReductionMsg
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanTreePiece: Fuse trivial method submitParticles with...
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanRetain only the redn version of the receiveParticles...
2011-10-21 Ramprasad VenkataramanGather (concat redn) particles to treepieces instead...
2011-10-21 Pritish Jetleyfixed energy drift bug: particles were interacting...
2011-10-20 Pritish Jetleyrun script
2011-10-20 Pritish Jetleydebugging bad traversal after lb
2011-10-20 Pritish Jetleyadded orb3dlb files
2011-10-20 Pritish Jetleychanges to makefile for orblb
2011-10-20 Pritish Jetleyintegrated with Orb3dLB_notopo
2011-10-19 Pritish Jetleyenabled RR initial mapping; fixed bug when no tree...
2011-10-19 Pritish Jetleychanged kdk scheme
2011-10-19 Pritish Jetleyadded energy drift checking code
2011-10-19 Pritish JetleyMerge branch 'jetley/cleanup' of charmgit:benchmarks...
2011-10-19 Pritish Jetleychanges:
2011-10-19 Ramprasad VenkataramanActually delete RequestMsg as its no longer used
2011-10-19 Ramprasad VenkataramanRRDEBUG statements should use just 1 sloc
2011-10-19 Ramprasad Venkataramanrequests for particles / nodes should be expedited
2011-10-19 Ramprasad VenkataramanReplace RequestMsg with a parameter marshalled std...
2011-10-18 Ramprasad VenkataramanBuffer request (key, pe) pairs instead of incoming...
2011-10-18 Ramprasad VenkataramanreceiveMoments should be an expedited msg
2011-10-18 Ramprasad VenkataramanReplace MomentsMsg with parameter marshalling
2011-10-18 Ramprasad VenkataramanReplace SplitterMsg with parameter marshalling
2011-10-17 Pritish Jetleysome more cleanup
2011-10-17 Pritish Jetleyremoved gen target
2011-10-17 Ramprasad Venkataramanmake clean should delete gen and plummer
2011-10-17 Ramprasad VenkataramanFirst draft of INSTALL instructions
2011-10-17 Pritish Jetleyfixed memory leak
2011-10-17 Pritish Jetleyuse priorities
2011-10-17 Pritish Jetleycleanup + found source of leak (RescheduleMsg)
2011-10-17 Pritish Jetleyfixed invalid write bug in freeCachedData
2011-10-16 Pritish Jetleystarted pup code
2011-10-16 Pritish Jetleypriorities+randomized requests
2011-10-14 Pritish Jetleyinstrument num. opening criterion calls
2011-10-14 Pritish Jetleycorrect potential energy
2011-10-13 Pritish Jetleyremove print
2011-10-13 Pritish Jetleyfixed one-treepiece memory leak. tree deleted right...
2011-10-13 Pritish Jetleyenergy calculation
2011-10-13 Pritish Jetleyuse math.h
2011-10-13 Pritish Jetleymakefile
2011-10-13 Pritish Jetleytol=theta
2011-10-13 Pritish Jetleyplummer generation fixed; allow decoupling of num....
2011-10-12 Pritish Jetleychanged plummer code to cpp
2011-10-12 Pritish Jetleyplummer generation files
2011-10-12 Pritish Jetleychanged integration scheme to match that of SPLASH...
2011-10-12 Pritish Jetleysimplified force calculation for hpcc