To register, please fill out the following form. Please note that if you registered previously and did not recieve a confirmation email please re-register.

What is 5*8+4:
Food preferences: Vegetarian

There is a registration fee* of $100 for this workshop. Payment for the conference registration will be accepted at the registration table. However registration is strongly advised prior to the event for proper seating and catering needs. Please send a check payable to "University of Illinois" to:

Shanna M. DeSouza
University of Illinois
Department of Computer Science
201 N. Goodwin Ave
Urbana, IL 61801

Please enter "Charm Workshop" on the memo line of the check. Thanks!

A few registration fee waivers are available. Please send an email to Shanna DeSouza if you need a waiver.

For UIUC students: If you cannot pay, you can request to attend the lectures without the banquet for no fee (again send an email to Shanna DeSouza if you want to do this). You should still register to allow us to estimate the attendance.