View program from last year's workshop here.

List of some of this year's talks

  • Keynote Speakers
    • Rajeev Thakur (ANL)
    • Mike Norman (SDSC)
  • Jim Phillips (UIUC): "Experiences with Charm++ and NAMD on Knights Landing Supercomputers"
  • Rob Van Der Wijngaart (Intel): "Using an Adaptive Mesh Refinement Proxy Code to assess Dynamic Load Balancing Capabilities for Exascale"
  • Alex Frolov (NICEVT): "Early Experiences with Integrating Charm++ Support into the Green-Marl DSL"
  • Jozsef Bakosi (LANL): "Quinoa: Adaptive Computational Fluid Dynamics"
  • Robert Pavel (LANL): "Using Charm++ to Support Multiscale Multiphysics on the Trinity Supercomputer"
  • Nils Deppe (Cornell): "SpECTRE: A Next-Generation Relativistic Astrophysics Code"
  • Zahra Khatami (LSU): "Applying Logistic Regression Model on HPX Parallel Loops"
  • David Hardy (UIUC): "Multilevel Summation Method for Calculating Electrostatic Interactions in NAMD"
  • Tom Quinn (U of Washington): "Scaling Clustered N-body/SPH Simulations"
  • Plus several talks by PPL members